Dear God



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by classicsoncall7 / 10

An angel's gonna find you someday."

Well it's no "Miracle on 34th Street", but this is an entertaining enough flick that has it's humorous moments. I mention that classic film because I felt it was heading to a similar resolution, but that would have been too blatant a rip-off. Greg Kinnear turns out to be a likable con-man once he answers a 'Dear God' letter and accidentally inserts some cash in an envelope, thereby brightening up someone's day. Thereafter he's joined by a disparate cast of fellow employees who want to get in on the feel-good feeling of being regular people doing their own brand of miracles. Laurie Metcalf is a trip as the frazzled ex-lawyer who winds up having her day in court, and I got a kick out of Tim Conway doing one of his best Carol Burnett show gimmicks as a clueless mail sorter. Also a hoot were the dead letter bins labeled for such ephemeral entities as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny - and wouldn't you know it, even Elvis! Which all goes to show that you can go postal without actually going postal.

Reviewed by anaconda-406586 / 10

Dear Kinnear.

Dear God (1996): Dir: Garry Marshall / Cast: Greg Kinnear, Laurie Metcalf, Hector Elizondo, Maria Pitillo, Tim Conway: All Christians know that God answers prayer. In Dear God we learn that he answers mail too. Or at least he uses others to do so. It is a comedy about God's power through prayer with fraud Greg Kinnear arrested and given opportunity to hold a job. A job at the postal outlet is pretty routine until Laurie Metcalf and himself address these strange letters to God. They answer the letters thus rendering life more pleasant for others but Kinnear is arrested and taken to court, which results in a totally contrived conclusion. Director Garry Marshall brings an ominous appeal to the mail room but isn't backed with a screenplay worthy of the subject matter. He previously made Pretty Woman, another film about second chances. Kinnear is well cast and likable throughout his dilemma but he was funnier as a con man. Metcalf takes a rather standard role and provides comic relief particularly when she represents Kinnear in court. Hector Elizondo is unreadable as his boss. He seems to disappear in a half wit manner as if to suggest he is God. Maria Pitillo also appears although her role is cardboard. Could have been better yet sustains some charming moments. Theme of reaching out to others may appeal to those who experienced answered prayer. Score: 6 / 10

Reviewed by Sylviastel7 / 10

One of the best Christmas movies in recent years!

I just love this movie. It is funny and heartwarming. It has a happy ending. Laurie Metcalf is unforgettable along with a stellar cast. It may not be the best movie but it is fun to watch and enjoy. Tim Conway is unbelievable as a burned out postman. Laurie Metcalf as a burned out lawyer. Greg Kinnear who joins this zany group of people who are ordinary and do something to make themselves extraordinary people. It gives you a warm feeling by the end of the movie. Please rent or buy this movie. It's fun for the whole family. I love watching Rue McClanahan and Jack Klugman. The story might be flawed but it's always worth watching especially around the holidays when you need a little cheering up to do. Greg Kinnear is a good actor who is working at being a good film actor.

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