D-Day: Normandy 1944


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ahmetgezer1 / 10

The Germans never invaded Turkey!

There are mistakes in the 3d maps used in the movie. The Germans never invaded Turkey! The scenes where the Russians show the Germans pushing towards the borders are wrong.

Reviewed by ithinkihaveone9 / 10

A unique and excellent documentary

I am fascinated by WW2 and have read a lot of books on the topic and watched quite a few documentaries and movies. I have also visited a few of the sites featured in this program.

This title is excellent, for many reasons.

It has a unique approach and is easy to understand and that for me is so important.

The drone footage gives an excellent perspective on the areas where the battles were fought.

The CGI footage is very good and gives you a real sense that you are there, witnessing events unfold.

I also liked the graphics, which made it simple to understand how the different armies made progress (or not) throughout the battle.

The chronological account makes it easy to understand the events.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed this and just wish the producers could make one of these for other major WW2 battles.

If I was a history teacher, I'd show this to my pupils as it's an excellent documentary to pique one's interest and from there you can delve deeper into the subject.

Thanks and well done to all involved.

Reviewed by whazzupskippy5 / 10

Great CGI, Narrator and Music not so much

The graphics and information were great but the music was horribly mismatched, and Tom Brokaw was a sub-par narrator. With better or no music, and different narrator 10/10.

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