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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KobraPower2 / 10

Don't believe the 7.7 rating.

Even if a brain cell short circuits, that's all you will need to figure out that the ratings were rigged for this movie. As time goes on and people WHO ARE NOT involved in this project (crew, actors, friends and family) watch this movie, the ratings will begin to drop down dramatically and will end up at 5 at best but will dip down to 4.

The creature was OK but the acting was overall pretty bad, some were better than others, though. The pace of the story really dragged and the dialogue was a bit cheesy. The movie could lose about 30 minutes of useless runtime as well.

Looks like a straight to streaming release.

Reviewed by Btownshreds4 / 10

Not quite sure how this has 8.6 for an over all rating.

Not a fan. At first it opens up pretty intense and intriguing, but then the movies starts to drag. Def a makes you wonder what's going on kind of movie. The acting is not the greatest and in the middle of the movie i started To have a little hope it was going to get interesting but the acting just got worse. It's def a little creepy and mysterious but it's just too slow with nothing to hold onto until you actually find out what's going on. So with that said I honestly don't understand what the high rating is for. Film quality seems good. But I'm repeating myself now. The acting is super cheesy.

Reviewed by begley_michael2 / 10

Why the high rating?

I'm not sure why this film is getting such a high rating. Maybe friends and family are bombarding the sight to up the rating. The film is filled with unlikable characters, especially the main protagonist. I was was hoping that the reptilian monster would get him so we'd all breathe a sigh of relief. The special effects are not retro, they're laughable. The editing is extremely choppy, especially when the monster shows up. How many dogs were killed in this movie? Isn't there a better way to move the story forward? Also, why is it raining every night. Every single night. Oh, brother. Sloppy and lazy writing.

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