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Dolph Lundgren as Major Frank Cross
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Christopher Heyerdahl as Hettinger
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Roy Scheider as President Robert Baker
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Michael Sarrazin as Lt. Colonel Douglas Murphy
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Reviewed by mstomaso5 / 10

Another Ludicrous Military Thriller

A surprising assemblage of talented actors came together to make this not unusual Dolph Lundgren military thriller. The story tells a neocon version of Dr. Strangelove with hints of The Rock. Rather than lampooning military paranoia, dysfunction and bureaucracy, The Peacekeeper presents us with a psychotic ex-military man who is hell-bent on personal vengeance against the president of the United States. How? by wiping out a third of the U.S.' population.

Lundgren is charged with protecting the 'black box' - a briefcase which controls the launch of a massive nuclear arsenal. On his first day on the job, the briefcase is stolen and he begins a chase which will comprise most of the remainder of the film.

Not surprising considering the cast - The Peacekeeper is better-acted than one would expect given the average quality of the script and the rather redundant and silly story. Lundgren, rarely challenged, gives the film his standard performance, Scheider and Montel Williams are very good, and Sarrazin plays the heavy well. But the entire production is hamstrung by the weak script and not very believable storyline.

The cinematography is above average for this sort of film. The directing is OK.

Recommended for Lundgren fans and fans of military fantasy.

Reviewed by fmarkland326 / 10

Breaking point...

Dolph Lundgren stars as Major Frank Cross, a special forces soldier who is the very best in the army, and him and Lt. Northrop (Montel Williams !!!) are the only soldiers who can thwart "Cyclops" (Michael Sarrazin) from nuking Washington D.C, his demands by the way are forcing the president to commit suicide on live TV, suffice to say the peace is kept with an exchange of gunfire. The Peacekeeper is a modest take on Die Hard, with some suspenseful sequences, good action and a thrilling car-chase on roof tops. The Peacekeeper on all fronts is one of Dolph Lundgren's better films and features one of his best casts. Both Roy Scheider and Michael Sarrazin are always welcome presences to such an action film and Lundgren is in fine form. The main flaws is that use of too many scenes of bomb disarming which gets tiresome, also the movie has some plot holes and the film's beginning doesn't fit with the rest of the movie but as it goes the Die Hard route the film works and even has a great climax. Montel Williams is also none too convincing but once again the movie is a solid take on Die Hard.

* *1/2 Out of 4-(Pretty Good)

Reviewed by AwesomeWolf8 / 10

Dolph does 'Die Hard'

'Die Hard' clones are awesome. Dolph Lundgren is awesome. Therefore, 'The Peackeeper', being both a 'Die Hard' clone and Dolph Lundgren movie, is awesome. I dare you to find a flaw in my logic, I dare you.

Dolph plays Frank Cross, an officer in the United States Air Force. After dropping food to some refugees in Turkey, Cross is threatened with a court-martial. Gotta love how the U.S. military operates. However, he is save by the President's campaign team, who hope to use his mini-celebrity status as a public relations tool. Cross is given the job of guarding the Black Bag - the means by which the President can order a nuclear strike. Naturally, on Cross' first day, highly-equipped terrorists steal the bag and threaten to launch a nuclear strike at Washington.

Basically, 'The Peacekeeper' is 'Die Hard' in a nuclear missile silo. It is not as awesome as 'Die Hard', but its still pretty awesome. The plot is pretty similar to that of 'Under Siege' with a change of setting and a slight change of characters. In fact, the main bad guy (Lt. Colonel Douglas Murphy (Michael Sarrazin)) is suspiciously similar to Tommy Lee Jones' character from 'Under Siege'...

'The Peacekeeper' boasts some very cool action sequences. One early scene involves a car-chase along some city roof-tops, and while the movie peaks there and turns into a series of martial-arts and gun-fights for the next hour, this is still a well-done action movie, and easily one of Dolph's better efforts.

'The Peacekeeper' is a very good action movie. Fans of Dolph Lundgren (all five of us out there) should enjoy it, as should anyone else looking for a good action flick - 8/10

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