Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy


Action / Romance

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Ashley Williams as Allie Shaw
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Holly Robinson Peete as Michelle Lansing
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Maggie Lawson as Katie Connell
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Jill Wagner as Lisa Palmer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adamjohns-425756 / 10

Not the best of the first three.

Although this is a generically enjoyable Christmas film, I think it helps if you have seen the two other 'Christmas In Evergreen' films that go before it as a lot of the characters and the situation have already been quite obviously established. They don't effect the storyline as such, but you might come away thinking "Huh? What was that all about when they did that/said that?"

I'm not sure I would put the two leads together, I didn't really believe their romance. I did however like the idea of a time capsule lost for decades, but the execution was a bit much.

I like this little town of Evergreen and I can see it making a good TV series, but it would have to be a bit extreme to be maintained for very long, with lots of other wacky ideas like the time capsule.

It will be interesting to see what the fourth instalment will have in store and whether Ryan and Zoe will ever be there to celebrate again?

Reviewed by mitchellrharl10 / 10

Such joy

This is a beautifully done movie not always a fan of Maggie Lawson but her and Paul Greene real Ashley Williams Barbara Niven cast is great scenery beautiful story line great Thank you Hallmark

Reviewed by MovieQween-3362210 / 10

My new favorite Christmas movie of 2019

Okay I was already excited for this movie because of the cast. Paul Greene and Maggie Lawson were so cute together in their previous movie together, My Favorite Wedding on Hallmark. Their chemistry was electric! So I knew I was probably going to like this movie but I ended up LOVING it!! The entire cast is so strong and amazing, stacked with Hallmark favorites! The story revolves around Katie (Lawson) traveling to Evergreen, Vermont to see if what people say about the town is real or too good to be true. Katie meets Ben (Greene) on the Evergreen Express train! Ben lives in Evergreen and agrees to show Katie around town. The story evolves into so much more. The entire town is involved in figuring out a Christmas mystery. Multiple storylines and romances happen throughout the movie but it never feels overcrowded, thanks to great writing! Katie is really an independent woman in this movie which I love. She isn't previously involved in another relationship and really decides to pursue Ben herself. I was so impressed by this theme for Hallmark! If I'm being honest, so far some of the Christmas movies have been a disappointing or me this season. However, this movie was really a hit for me! I was truly never bored which has been happening with a lot of other holiday movies this year unfortunately...Also I'd like to mention that usually I do not care for sequels, this is the third installment in the Evergreen series, but this is the strongest and best of all. There were laughs, great chemistry, emotion and surprises! Sean McNamara is the director on this one and he might be my new favorite. I cannot wait to watch this one again, it's quickly become one of my new Christmas classics!! I truly hope Hallmark continues this story next year and makes a 4th Evergreen movie with Paul and Maggie. Give this one a watch!

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