Chris Rock: Selective Outrage


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timteo8 / 10

Chris Rock isn't the Rock

Thank you Netflix for giving us this special!! It was all over the news and highly anticipated; so my expectations were pretty high. Finally got to tune in this evening in Australia and was not disappointed. I don't usually watch Chris rock's standups but will have to check them our after this. I am a huge fan of Dave Chapelle and I can see why they're great friends.

Selective outrage touches on the current issues of "attention seeking" behaviour and smartly approaches sensitive topics using references to popular culture. I don't want to reveal too much and leave it to your own judgement upon viewing!

Just a heads up that there are comments that aren't politically correct, vulgarities and moments gasp worthy- so if you don't like content as such, please give this a miss. I don't want another good comedian to be cancelled so do stay away. But for those looking for someone to tell it like it is, honesty (even if you don't agree) and a good laugh, then this is for you!

And of course, the others who just want to hear about the will smith incident, you can stay till the very end. It's worth it!

Thank you Chris rock for not victimising yourself and coming out stronger by using humour to deal with your difficult experience and fuel it for your career!

Reviewed by fcmkywg10 / 10


Chris Rock was just brilliant with his comedy concert explaining his point of view of the outrageous slap that Will Smith did to him at the Oscars! It was genius how he waited a full year and then explained how Will Smiths outrage was put on him, but was meant for his wife, who had an affair and then raked him over the coals and humiliated him ruthlessly in front of everybody on her stupid show on the internet ! And for Will Smith to have the audacity to think that he could get away with walking on stage and slapping a man that is much smaller than him, and of course, would not do anything back to him and then just go sit down like nothing happened and of course the lamé producers of the Oscars did nothing solidifying that assumption. I absolutely loved this concert. Kudos to Chris Rock!!

Reviewed by marymcfarland-0186610 / 10

Just flat out funny

I've always loved Chris Rock. I've seen much of what he's done and I've enjoyed it all.

This performance...whilst a bit bumpy in the beginning, was absolutely hilarious. I had to stifle my laughs so my teen wouldn't come to my room and disturb my enjoyment.

I will watch and praise all comedians who throw caution to the wind...Chris Rock, Chappelle, Gervais, Wong, The Elder Millenial whose name i cant remember right now...and back in my day stand ups...Murphy, Prior, Carlin, Williams, Goldberg

It's COMEDY. It's's full of sarcasm, hyperbole, satire, self depreciation...

Two thumbs up from me. Everything I wanted in a comedy show.

Definitely recommend.

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