Chickens Come Home


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Oliver Hardy as Mr. Oliver Hardy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rupie8 / 10

"Somebody's coming to my house......."

For my money this is probably my favorite of the L&H shorts (except, maybe for "Two Tars," or perhaps "County Hospital," or maybe "Helpmates," or "Another Fine Mess," or could be "Them Thar Hills"... oh well; you get the point). It's a hoot to see grandly pompous Ollie, in his run for mayor, brought low by the machinations of a former paramour from his "primrose days." Mae Busch, a stalwart regular in the L&H flicks, is wickedly wonderful as the old girlfriend. Ollie's sub rosa business with his knowing butler, good old Jimmy Finlayson, is a delight, and the comic high point - a thoroughly discomfited Ollie warbling "Somebody's Coming to My House" for his dinner guests, accompanied by his wife - as disaster approaches, is a treasure. The Boys will always live in the memory of their devoted fans, to whom they brought so much joy.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg10 / 10

Not politics as usual!

The great thing about Laurel and Hardy's movies is that they were so simple, but so damn hilarious! In "Chickens Come Home", Oliver is running for mayor, when a woman (Mae Busch) from his past shows up to blackmail him. She threatens to interrupt a party at his house. When Oliver gets Stanley to stop her...well, let's just say that it's not that easy! You can just imagine how the people behind the camera must have been cracking up watching L&H do these things right in front of them, especially the scene where they carry her (you'll see what I mean; it must have been a risqué scene for that time). A comedy classic.

Reviewed by Boba_Fett11388 / 10

Yet another great memorable Laurel & Hardy short!

"Chickens Come Home" truly is among the best of the Laurel & Hardy shorts. The story is very simple but gives the boys lots of opportunity to show their silly antics. The end result is a simple but very hilarious movie.

The movie is filled with many humorous moments. Especially the ending is an hilarious, as well as a memorable one. It's a very consistent, constantly funny comedy short in which Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are at their best and in the prime of their careers.

Lot's of Laurel & Hardy regulars also show up again in this movie. Especially notable is James Finlayson as Oliver's butler. He is fantastic and absolutely hilarious in his role. As always, he doesn't try to steal the show but he unwillingly still does so. Other notable regulars in the movie are; Mae Busch and Baldwin Cooke, among others.

Among their very best work and therefor also simply a must-see for the Laurel & Hardy fans!


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