Chicken People


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carolethecatlover9 / 10


Hilarious but true, as someone has spent the whole of the Royal Easter Show in the Poultry Shed, it is all true, true! This is an affectionate look at chicken love in the US of A. (Not enough Australorps, as an Aussie). So they picked the prettiest, cutest breeds and then found the most obsessed owners, not hard, as all are like this, those who win. The chickens are cute, the people funny, the tightly held cameraman has to be congratulated on getting close to the action, and between the cages. Those chickens have a nice life. Pampered, washed, and manicured, their own homes and lots of outdoor range. Do you eat chicken? Do I eat my kids? Telling. This is a true documentary, not a mockumentary as was 'best of breed'. But you would be forgiven for thinking so. A little more information would be nice. Like an egg takes 21 days to hatch, like all chickens have the same basic genes and all come from one type of wild chicken. Documentaries need to teach us something as well as amuse. This falls a little short in the information supply category. But delightful.

Reviewed by ladybug25357 / 10

Surprisingly entertaining look at U.S. competitive chicken breeding

Yes, this really is about "Chicken People". Not scared people, or cowards, but about people who love and raise chickens. Most of the focus on this short documentary focuses on those who raise and breed chickens for show (though some do indeed find themselves on the dinner menu after a time) and competition, hoping--just like people who breed and show cats or dogs, hoping to win not only "Best in Breed" but "Best in Show". It's interesting to see the variety of breeds involved and (superficially) the techniques these breeders use to bring out their desired characteristics.

Filled with interviews, the film affectionately follows these self-acknowldged "Chicken People" as they care for--feed, bathe and even groom their chickens and prepare for competition. Some treat their chickens like members of the family--like true pets, while others love them but keep them as barn fowl. There is a sense of self-depecrating humor thorughout the interviews as these people seeem to be self-aware enough to recognize that their love--even self-described "obsession" of chickens is seen as a bit unusual. Still, they smile and never apologize for how they feel.

This is not the most lively of documentaries, nor the most scintillating or instructive. To me it spend just a little too much time on the breeder's outside interests (in a dicumentary this short it matters). However, if you are an animal lover, or a breeder of any sort, or even just curious about chickens, you should enjoy it. It also can servie as a breif introduction to the world of chicken breeding and competition.

Reviewed by ksf-28 / 10

some really pretty birds. who knew ?

It's the world of show chickens. Really! As of today, no cast or trivia is listed on imdb, but several of the peoples' names are shown on the screen. Brian caraker is indeed a performing singer in a show. And sings to his birds to calm them. One lady is a wife and a mom. We actually get to watch the chicks bust out of their shells, something most of us have probably never seen. For me, that was more exciting than watching the events at the shows. This is listed as a documentary, and while they all take the shows and appearance standards seriously, they all seem to have a sense of humor about it. Bless the turkey, and damn the skin, open your mouth and cram it in! Discussion of the avian bird flu, when shows were cancelled and many birds were destroyed. There's some reality that brought things to a halt. Very entertaining film. At times, it sounds like a christopher guest film, but these are just everyday folks, like you and me. Who knew there were that many kinds of chicken ?

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