Chicken Run


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Mel Gibson as Rocky
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Imelda Staunton as Bunty
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Miranda Richardson as Mrs. Tweedy
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Timothy Spall as Nick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rectangular_businessman9 / 10

I prefer stop motion than CGI .

This movie was great .Directed by Nick Park ,the creator of "Wallace and Gromit " and "Creature Comforts " made a funny ,clever and wonderfully animated . The technique used in this movie it's just fantastic, full of details and a rich visual style in the scenery and the characters . . But that would be nothing if the story wasn't so dynamic and entertaining , something that made this movie very enjoyable for children and adults . The story it's simplistic but the characters are very likable and interesting .The cast of voices it's pretty good ,and that helps very much to the movie . I would wish that all the movies for kids were so good as this . Sure , there are some good ,but are just a few . Meanwhile ,I liked a lot this movie as much as the movie of Wallace and Gromit , that have more heart and life than the recent 3D animated movies .

Reviewed by Lady_Targaryen7 / 10

Escape or Die Frying.

I wasn't very excited about watching ''Chicken Run'' in the beginning. A friend of mine, Aluísio, told me the story was good and worthwhile, so, since I have the movie in my house I decided to watch it to see if it was really nice.It is not my favorite animation, but the movie is quite good actually!Until I saw the credits running, I would never say that Mel Gibson was Rocky's voice. And I found the characters very, very expressive,specially in their facial expressions.

It was funny to see a reference to Braveheart in this movie, since I watched Mel Gibson's performance as William Wallace yesterday. (When Rocky says he's from "The land of the free, the home of the brave", Mac immediately says, "Scotland!" This is a reference to the Mel Gibson-directed film Braveheart)

The plot of the story is simple: The chicken from Tweedy's farm are horrified with the idea of becoming the next meal of the day. Ginger, the leader of all chickens,with the help of Mac, is always trying to scape from the farm with her ideas and plans. One day, she met Rocky, a rooster that apparently can fly and is escaping from his circus ' owner. They make a deal and she agrees to hide him if he helps all of the chickens to escape. Their relationship starts to progress, but the art of flying doesn't. And Mrs Twwedy starts to have more and more strange ideas of what to do with the chickens and make her profits higher...

aka "A Fuga das Galinhas" - Brazil

Reviewed by Movie-128 / 10

Animation at its best, with outstanding characters and a clever story. ***1/2 (out of four)

CHICKEN RUN / (2000) ***1/2 (out of four)

"Chicken Run," DreamWorks Picture's newest animation festival, is an old-fashioned fairy tale with more heart and truth than most movies can even imagine about containing. The film's animated style contains state-of-the-art clay-animation techniques, which make it worth the trip to the multiplex just for feasting your eyes on such brilliant special effects. Directors Peter Lord and Nick Park, with co-writer Karey Kirkpatrick, give the characters depth, reason, and dimension-even if the main star is a feathered farm animal that converges with his companions about political matters.

"Chicken Run" details the miserable lives of a clan of chickens being withheld within a sinister dairy farm in 1950's England. Ginger (voiced by Miranda Richardson) is the central character, who, along with her acquaintances, deeply lust for the sweet smell of freedom that lies beyond the constricting boundaries of their pens. The unhappy farm owners, the smart and devious Mrs. Tweedy and the dumb and precarious Mr. Tweedy, brutally dispose of chickens who fail to produce the amount of eggs they require.

When a overzealous circus Rooster named Rocky (voiced by Mel Gibson) stumbles onto the farm one evening, the other chickens blackmail him into teaching them how to escape. This is also when the Tweetys lurch up a devilish new plan to strike it rich by purchasing a machine that will turn innocent chickens into merchandising pot pies.

The film's plot is steady, solid, and knowing; it portrays a series of events that gradually build tension eventually inducing an exciting climax that is both conclusive and satisfying. "Chicken Run" is a precise piece of filmmaking, an inoffensive family adventure that will entertain audiences of all ages.

Regardless of how well crafted it is or how artful the material, the movie is about chickens escaping out of their pen in order to find genuine independence. No, the stakes are not nearly high enough, and with a plot like this, it is only natural for some audiences to expect a shallow, cheap cartoon publicity stunt. However, the filmmakers make this movie feel original, fresh, suspenseful, and involving, regardless if the main characters are chickens with patriotic instincts.

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