Candy Cane Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird5 / 10

Average sweetness

2020 was very variable though not too bad when it came to Lifetime's Christmas films, and there was definitely the sense that the films were made in a rush with not a lot of preparation time. Yet enough of them were far from amateur-hour efforts and were still watchable all things considered. Lifetime just have done a lot better in some previous years, although their festive output is very hit and miss it should not be dismissed outright as enough have left me pleasantly surprised.

'Candy Cane Christmas' was though more or less what was expected, which was a watchable enough film with good things and some better than average acting. But also one that is nothing extraordinary and does nothing new with pretty familiar plot tropes, actually pretty unremarkable. Lifetime did a lot better than 'Candy Cane Christmas', but also worse than what is a somewhat middling effort for them. Not bad, but not particularly good at the same time.

Am going to start with the good. Mark Ghanime is a subtle and amiable leading man and is an easy going and easy to like character that progresses. The supporting cast are also better than average and even quite solid, even if other Lifetime films fare better when it comes to picking a standout.

The film also at least looks professional, with lovely scenery in particular. The music doesn't intrude and doesn't feel overused, also it has a festive sound to it. Too often not the case with Lifetime.

For all the good things, there is a good deal of bad at the same time. Beverly Mitchell didn't work for me here, she is pretty bland and also comes over as too smug. Her character is very difficult to endear to from the get go and she doesn't really grow, what little there is feels rushed. There is next to chemistry between her and Ghanime let alone spark and a large part of the problem is that the relationship is very under-explored and underused, getting lost amongst everything else going on.

Which is not really all that much and very little of it engages enough. Furthermore, the script is stilted and too talky, some of the talk between the two leads goes on and on. The story didn't really grab me and suffers from a dull pace, padding and from feeling over-stretched. What there is is predictable and lacks charm and any form of substance. The characters are underdeveloped and don't feel enough like real people.

In summary, worth a one time watch but not much more than that. 5/10.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan3 / 10

For Vegetarians only

I used the summary line "For vegetarians only" because this film is as corny as it gets. Mrs. Shullivan and I couldn't believe how this so called romantic Christmas film just dragged on ad nauseum and we kept saying to each other, "enough with the prolonged audio foreplay". The two leads are Beverley Mitchell who plays a florist store owner named Phoebe Saunders and her suitor is Mark Ghanimé a veterinarian named Eric Kelton.

Similar to hundreds of other romantic films Phoebe and Eric run into each other by accident in a big box store, and they subsequently bump into each other over the next few days again and again. Both have these big broad grins of happiness on their faces and their eyelashes twitter even more than Disney's Bambi's eyeleashes do as the romantic foreplay continues.

To call this film hokey would be an understatement, No tears of joy or laughter from Mrs. Shullivan and I just relief when the film finally ended.

Warning: Don't waste your time on this corny Christmas romance, it is extremely boring.

I give it a 3 out of 10 IMDB rating

Reviewed by burlesonjesse54 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Candy Cane Christmas

"Find a way to make this Christmas magical". Okay sure. If only I could "find a way" to avoid penning a bad write-up for Lifetime's latest tinseled helping.

Anyway, an unappealing flower shop owner and a pushover veterinarian run into each other excessively during the holidays. This is amidst the dilemma of securing a longtime Christmas tradition. For some odd and/or forced reason, these passing ships believe they are meant to be together. That's the blueprinted gist of 2020's cringe-y, Candy Cane Christmas.

Filmed in Ottawa, Canada, harboring romance for dummies, and distributed in assembly line fashion by Lifetime Television, "Candy Cane" is misguided, distressed, and designing. It has officially caused me to take a break from reviewing these types of manipulative, yuletide endeavors. Every moment in this sweet-toothed flick prolongs the viewer until the inevitable rears its futile head. The obligatory kiss comes at the end and even the mistletoe eventually becomes a little wilted.

"Candy Cane" is directed by sometimes thriller and horror helmer, Adrian Langley. Using spare locations, a vapid script, unknown troupers, and a little counterfeit snow, he shoots the film in a slow burn, awkward manner. The main characters are on chain of events autopilot as they share a bunch of pseudo, cutesy moments before actually canoodling.

To make matters worse, said main characters have to deal with their head case friends who act as sort of relationship therapists. In your mind, you want to slap them silly. "Why? She seems so sweet". "Just give her a chance Eric". "Don't you think it's time". "Would it be so terrible to have someone interested?" "Sounds like you need a distraction". Gimme a freaking break. If I want romantic advice I'll throw a bunch of money at a professional and plop myself on a couch instead. Ugh.

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