Box 507

2002 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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José Coronado as Rafael Mazas
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Reviewed by =G=8 / 10

Brains vs brawn

"Box 507" (not a PO Box but a safe deposit box) is all about a husband and father, Pardo (Resines),who loses his daughter in a brush fire and seven years later serendipitously discovers the fire was not the result of an accident but rather subterfuge. Pardo sets about to seek justice and finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigues involving Mafiosos and other criminal elements. This well crafted drama gets busy and stays busy with a coolly cerebral approach which avoids extremes of emotion, sex/nudity, romance, and other visceral appetizers though there is blood letting aplenty. A worthwhile watch for anyone into Euroflix with, of course, subtitles. (B+)

Reviewed by tomimt8 / 10

Good vengeance story

Things start to roll from a tragedy seven years ago. A daughter of banker Modesto Pardo (Antonio Resines) dies in a forest fire. Years later he still hasn't gotten rid of the grief, so when his bank is heisted and he's left tied up in the vault, he gets intrigued by a bunch of papers fallen out from one of the deposit boxes: they contain a map of the area his daughter died and bank notes and account numbers. He figures out, that the death of his might not have been an accident, but a result of a deliberately started fire to get the land out from no building restriction.

La Caja 507 is well written thriller, that keeps you intrigued to the end. Resines does a great job with very low key portrayal of a man, who is in the beginning living in an auto drive. He doesn't over act his grief, but you notice the sadness within.

IF you've seen only American crime movies, La Caja 507 is quite a different kind of a film. There's no exaggerated emotions or over blown vengeance plots via huge explosions. Modesto brings out his revenge by making the crooks attacking themselves. He never touches a gun himself, he just gives them enough rope, so that they can hang themselves.

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Splendid Spanish thriller with excellent performance by the main cast , Resines and Coronado , and stunningly directed

Thrilling as well as gripping Spanish film about a Bank clerk and an ex-police delinquent . It is one of the best noir cinema that have been made in Spain, is a fast paced thriller that keeps you in suspense and interested from start to finish ; being masterfully directed and performed by all actors, especially Coronado and Resines . Dealing with a burned-out bank director called Pardo (Antonio Resines) whose daughter (Dafne Fernandez) dies in an forest fire while camping with her boyfriend . 7 years later , his bank gets robbed and robbers break several safe deposit boxes . During the robbery Pardo is locked and by mistake looks at one of the boxes and comes across some sheets that prove his daughter's death not to be an accident but killing . Pardo swears to take vengeance on all those involved in the murder but he doesn't know that documents belong to a nasty powerful mob boss and his hoodlum , an ex-police (Jose Coronado) who mistreats his wife (Goya Toledo) , and they will stop at nothing to get them . The bank manager attempts to discover clues but in the process , he uncovers a twisted string of corruption in Sun Coast and Italian Mafia with unexpected consequences .

This is an exciting picture plenty of intrigue , killings , twists and turns . From start to finish action-packed , fast-paced , thrills , emotion and suspense is continuous . Interesting and moving screenplay by Miguel Gaztambide and the same filmmaker . It is one of the best noir film that have been realized in Spain , it is a thriller that keeps you interested and expecting . Antonio Resines , José Coronado , Goya Toledo star in the sort of story we've seen many times before - a corrupt ex-police and a stubborn family man - but it is always fun when is executed with style and Urbizu certainly seems to have that . The cast gets credible and nuanced performances that enrich the flick . This film grabs our attention , beginning with a really brutal and masterful performance by Jose Coronado . Jose Coronado is simply awesome , he steals the show as a veteran and violent ex-police with dark secrets . An interpretation similar to subsequent ¨No peace for the wicked¨ in which he won a Goya award also playing a violent police . And of course , the great Antonio Resines plays as Bank manager Modesto Pardos who stumbles across some very strange documents ; Resines is simply superb, to be able to make a character icon in the figure of an obstinate clerk . Furthermore , a good support cast such as Goya Toledo , Dafne Fernandez , Juan Fernandez , Hector Colome and Sancho Gracia , a veteran actor working from the sixties and recently deceased . The movie packs a colorful and brilliant cinematography by Carlos Gusi who ha photographed successes such as ¨Torrente, the dumb arm of the law¨, ¨Juan De Los Muertos¨ , ¨Take my eyes¨ and particularly ¨Cell 211¨ . And being filmed on location in Toledo , Algeciras , Linea de Concepcion , Cadiz , Torremolinos , Malaga and Tangiers , Morocco . Suspenseful and thrilling musical score by Mario De Benito , a fine composer expert on sinister and mysterious atmospheres as proved in ¨The witch affair ¨, ¨Rigor Mortis¨ , ¨Al Limite¨, ¨A Ciegas¨ , among others .

The film was well produced by Fernando Bovaira , one of the best Spanish producers , financing a lot of films in lavish budgets such as ¨The others¨ , ¨The sea inside¨ , ¨Agora¨ , ¨Mortadelo and Filemon¨, ¨Butterfly tongue¨ , among others . The motion picture titled Box 507 or Caja 507 was professionally directed by Enrique Urbizu and won various Goya awards . He is a specialist on Thriller as proved in ¨Todo Por la Pasta¨, ¨Cachito¨ , ¨La Vida Mancha¨ this ¨Caja 507¨ and on comedy such as ¨Cuernos Mujer¨, ¨Como Ser Infeliz¨ and ¨Tu Novia esta Loca¨ but especially Urbizu is the director of No Peace For The Wicked (No Habra Paz Para Los Malvados),an upcoming 'tough cop with big gun' movie coming out of Spain , this is his best film surpassing even "La Caja 507" .

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