Body of Deceit


Action / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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Kristanna Loken Photo
Kristanna Loken as Alice
Antonio Cupo Photo
Antonio Cupo as Max
Giulio Berruti Photo
Giulio Berruti as Castellano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by afterdarkpak6 / 10

ummm not bad.

Almost everyone is cheater in this movie. Good movie but kinda bad ending.

Reviewed by chereenrose2 / 10

Wow, this was bad

I thought this was going to be a suspenseful murder plot. It's actually quite boring with a predictable amnesia/husband trying to off the wife plot. The only thing good about this movie was the scenery, hence the extra star. And the ending? Couldn't have been worse.

Reviewed by sivvanderstroom10 / 10


VERY GOOD MOVIE - strong cast and BEAUTIFUL area. Do any of you know which Flower is Tattooed on Alice's Body? The same flower is inside the wooden box. The Mediterranean setting is BEAUTIFUL.

The Hotel in the movie is Corinthia St George's Bay.

Black and White Taxi with identity number Taxi M150 with the same registration number Taxi 150 as the identity number is the Alice took to the Hotel.

Sara's last name which is Borg means Fortress in in all the Scandinavian languages og first name means "lady, princess, noblewoman".

The name Claudia is possibly derived from Latin Claudus meaning "lame, crippled".

Sarai the original variant of the name which is also the first name of the actress who plays her.

Max Casar's name means "Large house" if you remove the R.

Two of the Actors have the same last name - Azzopardi - Joe (Hotel Receptionist) and Colin (Guy delivering package) (uncredited) - The facial features are also quite similar.

Castellano is similar to the word Castle - which symbolizes Protection - if you look closely he is very protective of Alice - whose full name means "Noble Knight".

Throughout the film, Castellano wears Dark clothes - only in the last scene before he is killed does he wear light clothes - when he is near Alice he has kind, worrying and sad eyes - The colors that keep repeating are Black and White - Duality - Alice/Castellano (white/Light) - Sara/Max (Black/Dark) - If you look closely at the smile Sara has when standing in / on the escalator - then you see that she smiles at someone / something - she thinks she smiles at Max - thinks of all the money they can earn by killing Alice - she thinks she never loves Alice - just got upset because she hurt her - the purpose of everything was to use and then kill - think they will try will kill if it will be possible.

He also keeps an eye on her in addition to comforting her - the fact that he does not remove her hand when she lays against his Thigh - pulls her close to him and the Head with the nose down towards her Hair - when someone does so the other party wants to be close - thinks he is in love - The eyes he gets when he sees Sara come in after being invited for a drink - indicates that he knows something.

I think Sara's Friend was in the car when the accident - please take a good look at the appearance - then you see that it is probably Sara's girlfriend - that everything was staged - do not think Sara was in the car when it happened - I see very similarities between Sara's girlfriend and the person who was in the car when it happened.

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