Blue Money


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

A wonderful musical treat for Tim Curry fans

I am shocked at how underrated this film is. It is fantastic! It has a good plot, a funny script, nice camera-work that reminds me of shows like the Sweeney and fine direction. The soundtrack is absolutely brilliant, especially Blue Money, Hit The Road Jack and Love Me Tender. In fact all the songs are superb, but these are the ones that stand out. One of my favourite scenes was the audition scene, and I loved the line "if he dies I'll bleeding kill him!" But what makes the film so hugely enjoyable is the performance of Tim Curry; here he acts, sings, dances and does impressions and he does the whole lot to perfection. Is there anything he cannot do? Seemingly not, it just makes you wonder why such a talented actor like Tim hasn't got the respect he so rightly deserves. Also, although he sang superbly in Rocky Horror Picture Show, and we all know that Tim has an amazing voice, this is the best I've heard him sing. As for Larry Gormley himself, you cannot help love him, he is naughty, yet so lovable, handsome and charming. Debby Bishop is just great as Pam, and she too has a marvellous and overlooked voice. If you love Tim Curry, like I do, then this is a wonderful musical treat for you. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by conthesleepy18 / 10

Should you watch this? (1 Spoiler)

Boringly = yes. I'm afraid to disappoint you with yet another fan of this movie. But the answer is yes, you should watch it.. Because, well, its rather good! On a personal note it was one of the rare movies that my father and i both enjoyed watching very much. Possibly as we're Irish, I dunno. He's passed on now but, as a quote I heard him laugh at when watching this film would be from

Tim Curry: "If he dies.. ... I'll bleedin' kill him!" -

But you'll have to watch it to get the humor. You'll know what i'm saying when/if you do... ;¬)

So Yes .. watch it. I liked the charm and feel to the movie. Acting was extremely good. Characters charming. And I guess yes, musically it is pretty flawless - The songs = class. And what makes them more personal is the charm that is generated by the actors and actresses who give an honest, realistic performance offset by a creative/humorous/charming performance from Tim Curry. Who manages the job effortlessly. Didn't know it was for T.V. originally.

Know its very hard to get though. My Pops tried for ages...

On that note has anyone seen Darby O'Gill and the Little people - another one of his faves. heh heh.

Okay... so I.d give it an 8.4. And I'm personally very glad I could comment on this movie - So thanks IMDb. - great site.

Reviewed by vertigo_147 / 10

Take the Money And Run! (spoilers)

This movie was a great find...something obscure and possibly long forgotten--a low-budget English caper comedy about a chauffeur (wonderfully played--as usual--by Tim Curry) and aspiring stage performer who, almost seemingly down on his luck and out on his ass, comes upon a rather problematic opportunity when he finds his employer carries around a suitcase full of cash.

The pathetic dolt steals the money and goes on a spending spree with his girlfriend, Pam, who unfortunately gets caught up in the mess as well, though somewhat understandably so. Although she was once reluctant to play along in the game for fear of violent retaliation by the owners of the money--South American drug lords, she has fun indulging in the "finer" things of life with her mate. This leads to a large number of problems once the drug lords figure out who has the money and follow him across the United Kingdom to get hold of it.

The beginning of the film is somewhat slow. If you are unfamiliar with the plot (although, if you read this review, you now have some idea),then you may just think it is the story of a struggling stage performer. Actually, that's pretty perfect, because the beginning moves rather slowly and at times--slightly confusingly--but once the chauffeur gets a little curious about the contents of his driver's briefcase, it is more than the story of a rather pathetic, happy-go-lucky guy. It turns into a hilarious little caper.

Moreover, the ending to this rather mad, and often hilarious, series of events was somewhat of a let down and, one might say that our character, though at times sympathetic, was still an idiot for stealing the money and, even though they presumably wanted a happy ending for the film, he got off rather light and we were left with a very vague way of tying up the loose ends of the story's on-going conflict among the main characters. Nonetheless, Tim Curry (and the rest of the cast) give a great performance.

This movie is perfect not only for Tim Curry fans, but for people who just love to watch movies, especially older, obscure ones that no one has really ever heard of, but could never hurt to try. It is a great way to pass eighty-two minutes.

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