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Reviewed by kimjarman191 / 10

I can't find a word to describe it..

I had to give it a 1 out of 10 because it would not let me give it a 0. How can this terrible thing be classed as a "film"? It's downright embarrassing, I felt embarrassed for how awkward the filming must've been with the appalling actors, the whole storyline was the stupidest thing I have ever followed.. it's one of those films that makes me want that wasted time back.

I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who stills goes through with it and watches this, there's nothing to really spoil, it's that bad.

Worst "zombie" "film" I've seen, ever. And for whoever likes zombie films and has watched most of them, you know there are some really embarrassingly bad ones out there already, and this beats them all.

Reviewed by surfer3121 / 10

I didn't spend a dime to view this but still feel like I lost money!

I can't really see, other than the awful camera angles and even worse acting, where they spent any of the $75,000 budget on this "film".

This piece of cinematic garbage reminds me of most porn I've seen "professionally" made since the 1990's - very little substance, horrible props, stock footage, cheesy acting, and the worst soft-core grinding I've viewed since the old Cinemax movies of the early 1990's.

I think that since they secured the talents of Alexis Texas, porn "actress", they figures they had something to work on here. The majority of the cast have come from many other low-budget disasters and their acting chops are, let's just say, something to be desired.

Boardroom scenes in mainstream movies always look intimidating, or so in your face, the scenes here made me laugh the most - and who has cobalt blue plastic flutes sitting around for domestic champagne? To tell you any of the plot would give away pretty much everything, so I won't - let's just say if you were to take the movies Outbreak, 30 Days Later, Shaun Of The Dead and a few pieces of softcore stuff and toss them into a blender, strip them of any budget and then pour it into a DVD this would be the result.

Shoddy production values, a script with plots so old you can see the whip marks from where the last 10 owners had whipped it, combined with the "acting" talents of Alexis Texas (with the only thing she's good at: stripping down and showing off T&A) and you have a movie with worse viewing appeal than Poseidon, Waterworld and Gigli combined - and will have much less people wanting to watch this for anything except the floppy tiny "talents" of Alexis Texas.

God, what a stupid stripper name... at least everyone else in this turkey is using their 'real' names... I think...

Avoid this at all costs, no matter what they pay you to watch it for.

Reviewed by wise-guyy1 / 10

Sorry i spent a dollar!

I understand the reason for $10.000 dollar films and the market for dollar rentals. This is America and it's your right to spend the dollar if you choose to. The market for super cheap films to stuff the machines sprouting across the nation is growing at an alarming rate. The writing here in this film is very, very bad and the acting matches it, in that respect they go together well. The cutting of scenes from a subject and or character in and out are frustrating. I am not a hater of low budget productions, i have enjoyed quite a few of them and yes some films are of course meant to be campy or not sincere to the art of the film industry but there are limits. Save your money..

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