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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by susiehaylol2 / 10

Don't Waste Your Time

I agree completely with the reviewer that said this movie was boring, pointless, and slow. I'm not sure what got lost in the sauce because the acting really was GOOD. The Director also seems to have done their job well and the sound was creepy enough too. It certainly proves just how far a mother will go to save her child. But unfortunately the movie had me wishing that the brat would just DIE already!

I have no idea why someone said this is one of the most disturbing films they had ever seen. I've seen movies way more mentally disturbing and depraved than this. What was disturbing was how stupid the movie really was. Maybe they all just really liked the writer? I dunno. This is one of the movies I wish I had just listed to the reviews instead of the ridiculously high star rating.

Reviewed by stephscar10 / 10

I want to know more about the tree!

To answer the question "how far would a mother go?" I have to say that I thought I knew, as a mom of two, how far I would go to save or protect either of them. The movie really left me questioning my own answer to that! Michelle Monaghan did a great job balancing the hectic and somber life of a newly divorced mom while exposing the underbelly of a human being's primal tendencies to protect her young. At what point is "too far" actually too far to save your own child?

Skylar Morgan Jones perfectly portrayed the daughter who has been burdened with a secret no child should have to carry about her own brother. Skeet Ulrich's character as her dad seems to be a good guy who loves his kids, and obviously worried about his ex-wife's stability and capacity to take care of their children on a day-to-day basis.

Definitely want more backstory into what's up with that tree! I'm intrigued!

Already planning to watch it again!

Reviewed by demonblade-377924 / 10

Pretty Bad

Blood is about Owen, a young boy (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong),being watched on by his older sister Tyler (Skylar Morgan Jones) and his mom Jess (Michelle Monaghan). They just moved in the middle of nowhere where there is horror afoot. Until one night, their dog bites Owen in the middle of the night that gives him a virus where he needs to drink blood in order to survive. The mom is willing to sacrifice anything in her life to make Owen live happy again by giving him as much blood as possible.

Overall, I tried to stay positive throughout this movie because I liked the acting, but that was it. The acting only made me watch the film because it is pointless and pretty slow as well. I thought it would pick up in the ending because I yawned in the middle of the film, but the ending is not good as well that I felt bad for the characters. Would recommend to stay away from this film because it is slow, pointless, and boring.

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