Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault

2012 [CHINESE]

Action / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ritera18 / 10

Amusing buddy action from our friends in China.

Actually pretty well-established characters for something like this. Super cop and low-level gangster. Cursory character archs. Think of 80's American buddy movies. Outraged police captain. (Can't really recall American buddy pictures for the past 20 years, though.)

On the run trying to figure out a "plan" that turns out to be convoluted, confusing and cartoonish. Chinese movies always have bombs with colorful mechanisms.

But frequent very good action scenes. (Has a sequel that I would see.)

Reviewed by johntjz4 / 10

lots of action, perhaps Michael Bay style, forget the logic of the plot

this film is a great action flick with little to no deeper meaning. if your looking for guns, explosions, fights, typical US action movie, all wrapped in an Asian cast, then your going to hit the jackpot.

if your seeking deeper meanings, surprising plot twists, a logical plot, then don't bet too much on this movie.

A well worth attempt to re-create Die Hard style movie in an Asian setting, but the whole movie just don't have a serious feel, it just feels like each segment of the film tries to replicate certain parts of the US action film genre, some parts looks more like 'Die Hard', others looks bit like 'Enemy of the State', and some like 'Mission Impossible', it also probably packed a little Hong Kong action film styles, probably due to the fact that the film was filmed in Hong Kong.

all in all, feels bit like a car assembled from parts made from every car brand, but has nothing of its own character.

good attempt at least, for a action flick from Asia.

Reviewed by marksrtrom9 / 10

This Taiwanese movie is really not a bad. Nice job.

Sorry, if something is unclear - was translated from 9oo9le. It's look's like their Taiwanese girls really beautiful , come across from time to time ... (although I do not know exactly how to say secretly - it will be wrong, the Chinese woman either, but the ( native ) citizen of Taiwan - 100% correct ) so here . Full length movie 2 hours and 37 minutes . But for this film - it's not a problem when viewing the time is not going slowly. The plot is unusual and that he takes the audience , as for me . Such a cool laptop, or is it even a mega compact KDP , and no advertising . ! ? ... Here 's the difference between this and the Taiwan Hollywood movies! Very interesting and advanced Kintz they did it . Taiwanese is "beauties" . It is true there - not without flaws in the production of , and sometimes , not without kinks in the action movie , moments too implausible . But now , it almost does not spoil . Certainly more than an amateur, as here smacks their mentality. I liked that in this work there is a positive sense of humor, which does not spoil the plot of the film and its severity . Is not this skill. And then, as the operator gave a lot of panoramas and environments , the one still interesting country. Before watching this movie , I was confused and thought its duration - and is it worth it . Now I know what the cost. Not to say that the film is a mega , but very personal . The camera work is gorgeous - I liked it. Watchable . I advise you if there is so much time to view the whole .

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