Big Gold Brick


Action / Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright73%
IMDb Rating3.410928

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Oscar Isaac Photo
Oscar Isaac as Anselm
Megan Fox Photo
Megan Fox as Jacqueline
Lucy Hale Photo
Lucy Hale as Lily
Andy Garcia Photo
Andy Garcia as Floyd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by momomojojo3 / 10

very confusing movie, it is about nothing and full of dryness

Like how they mxing up the elegancy with the dryness humour 70's background element (especially the music) especially with 80's vibe with current dialogues Such a waste on the lame special effects.... could easily be done better. Understand maybe they want to bond it with the dryness and therefore lameness into the movie.

The acting of the villain man is just great and how they set up his character and props is good.

Like the story it is so disturbing but also so genius.

Pity the acting is just average even like B movie quality.

Sound is strange hard to judge it all... The special effect is maybe not great but it did a good combination with the whole movie.

Pity so much potential, love much of it but because there is about nothing i do not know what i should do.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10

I am dome with this world

Skeptical writer Samuel Liston (Emory Cohen) is depressed and has decided to leave this world. Floyd (Andy Garcia) hits Sam with his automobile as Sam stands in the road. As fate would have it, Sam survives the accident and comes out of it a changed man. Floyd invites Sam to live in his home and write his biography as we will come to find out Floyd lead an interesting life. We meet Megan Good, Floyd's much younger wife and his daughter Lucy Hale. The film looked like it was going the direction of "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" but unfortunately stopped short in an attempt to make the comedy quirky with tie-ins but no message. Sam reminded me of Bob Goldthwait, without the coke. Good characters but they didn't do enough with them.

Guide: F-word. No sex. Partial nudity.

Reviewed by supermellowcali3 / 10

Trying to be Vonnegut but failing

Dumb story imo, with poorly read and unnecessary narration, dialog unnatural and pretentious... overall I'd skip this. It just bored me. Andy Garcia was great but played opposite Emory Cohen in an awful Sam Kinneson wig, and acting is definitely not Emory's thing. Oscar Isaac's silly role wasn't interesting or funny.

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