Beyond the Trophy


Action / Crime / Drama

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Eric Roberts Photo
Eric Roberts as Sgt. Bachman
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Michael Madsen as Cole Lambert
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Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as Billy Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by c-conley901 / 10

Achingly awful Scorsese/Tarantino wannabe.

Made on the fly in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, is the cheapest version of the Departed ever made. Crooked cop and Mark Whalberg impersonator Stephen Cloud is the main character with the only two good actors resorted to minor roles. By that I mean Madsen and Roberts. Though Madsen is pretty much omnipresent through the whole thing with his weird badly recorded narration that is trying to be Casino. Meanwhile Michael Masini is playing the Leonardo Dicaprio role of this movie as a undercover cop working with Madsen's mob buddies and the plot goes into a messy series of incidents that lead to a lot of people dead and me feeling irritated. Mostly the movie seemed to be shot with a camcorder in someone's home and has that feel through several scenes. Other times bad ADR on Russian Gangsters rears it's ugly head in one scene. And to spoil something Eric Roberts' character dies pointlessly for some reason at the end of the movie. Something that really wasn't needed. And how come Michael Madsen got off with Jail time at the end of this movie? Stephen Cloud is the hero or anti-hero of this movie? What gives? This movie is cheap, it has a cheap car chase scene. Apparently the cast rented out strip club dancers and used those too. Yo Boy or ya boy needs to not have a career in rap. The guns don't even have a flash or muzzle smoke to them, just sounds of guns going off and no squibs. That's how cheap this movie was.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters1 / 10


Michael Madsen and Eric Roberts conspire to give us the worse film imaginable. Terry (Stephen Cloud) and Danny (Michael Masini) are two cops who work for Sgt Bachman (Eric Roberts). Danny also works for crime boss Cole Lambert (Madsen) in L.A. Terry wants to take down the Russian mafia crime boss, of which his brother-in-law Ivan is a member. There is also a third crime boss Gino (Robert Miano) in Vegas who gets involved.

The film introduces female characters, and then don't really use them. There is a brief car chase scene, but not much action or thrills in this crime drama, that didn't have much drama either. In order to try to save the film from being a complete disaster, Madsen supplies some omniscient Joe Bob Briggs style narration, even through he is one of the characters away from the scene. Disjointed, uneven, and a bit annoying.

Don't feel you missed anything if you skipped over this film.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. Stripper nudity.

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