Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coldwaterpdh4 / 10

Horribly hilarious.

In the running for the cheesiest movie I've ever seen (right up there with "Zombie Lake") this film started out extremely slow. I have to admit, I almost turned it off. It got a little better about 30 minutes in, luckily.

The plot is absurd and the script is poorly penned. The acting is third or fourth rate. Three 'nerds' spy on some sorority girls. They get caught and then as punishment get 'forced' into a prank that the initiating girls must pull off in order to get into the sorority. They are attempting to steal a bowling trophy (what the hell???) from a bowling alley and they unleash a horrible imp who grants them wishes that turn into curses.

Linnea Quigley's punk rock criminal character is the only thing that saves this movie at all. She has some awesome lines and shines as the best actor in the bunch (sadly.) Also, a dude gets decapitated and they bowl his head down the lane which was pretty nice.

Definitely the kind of movie you saw on USA Up All Night back in the 90's. Chock-full of ridiculous high school fantasies. Yikes! 4 out of 10, kids.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

A good'n'goofy piece of total unapologetic late 80's low budget comic horror trash

As this film's gloriously bold title alone suggests this sure ain't no exceptionally smart, subtle and sophisticated work of remarkable cinematic art. Instead it's total unmitigated lowbrow crap, plain and simple (with a definite emphasis on the simple, too). The so-called plot concerns two overaged, but very fetching sorority pledges and a trio of moronic, obnoxious frat boys who have to break into a bowling alley late at night and steal a bowling trophy as part of an initiation prank. The dim-witted quintet accidentally unleash a mischievous and diabolical imp who speaks with a pretty dreadful ersatz African American accent; said troublesome little bugger gleefully wreaks plenty of enjoyably inane tongue-in-cheek supernatural havoc upon the idiotic collegians.

Tireless celluloid dreckmeister supreme David ("Creepazoids," "Deadly Embrace") DeCoteau keeps the silly shenanigans bumping along at a reasonably quick clip, the nonstop sophomoric gags are quite amusing in an admittedly crude sort of way, and both the cinematography and production values are surprisingly slick given the paltry nickel'n'dime budget. Moreover, immortal 80's trash horror scream queen Linnea ("Silent Night, Deadly Night," "The Return of the Living Dead") Quigley contributes a spirited and engaging performance as a spunky punkette burglar while the always reliable George "Buck" Flower lends able support as a frisky, doddering, irascible old coot of a hopelessly senile janitor. Better still, the sexy, slinky, smoldering Brinke ("The Slumber Party Massacre") Stevens takes an utterly gratuitous, but much-appreciated lengthy shower and buxom brunette honey Michelle ("Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers") Bauer spends the bulk of her screen time in the buff. Of course this film overall is essentially an extremely cheesy, lamebrained and worthless hunk of absolute junk, but this baby nonetheless still constitutes as one of those true schlock movie rarities: it's a thoroughly shameless, pointless and witless rip-snorting snotwad of a flick that's every bit as blithely tacky and trashy as its glaringly obvious title would suggest. I plead guilty as charged on the grounds that I dug every last sublimely stupid minute of this braindead timewaster.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10

Drink a can of beer. It can only help.

The film rather epitomizes 80's fun horror films with silliness. Two sorority pledges and three losers break into a bowling alley to steal a trophy as proof they were there. Unfortunately they swipe the trophy that had the imp in it and accidentally let it loose. (I hate it when that happens). At this point the film becomes more silly.

The film includes many of the scream queens of the 80's. For some reason Linnea Quigley keeps her clothes on. A cult style film you can miss and not feel left out. Humor was on the stale side.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer)

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