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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GMGoodwrenchGirl6 / 10

Nostalgia factor

I rated this a 6, and at least a couple of those stars are purely because of the nostalgia factor since I vaguely remember watching this as a kid.

The story is just okay...something Christmasy to watch if you haven't seen it in 40 plus years or just want some holiday background noise. Benji doesn't do too much in this movie...he mostly just gets carried around. Kids may find it entertaining...I probably liked it more 40 years ago.

Reviewed by radioman970us8 / 10

Seems this is extremely underrated here.

I just watched this for the first time in more years than I could recall. Could I have missed it when it originally aired in 78? I'm not sure but nothing looked familiar.

I decided to look this up and see what other people thought but I think users have gotten it all wrong. If you're not a Benji and/or extreme nostalgia fan (both of which I very much am) than steer clear. But if you are then check this out. It didn't get nom'd for an Emmy for nothing. It's very entertaining.

Santa is the star of the show. The story does a great job of establishing his different appearances all over the world. This is what I found most interesting. Moody, as Santa, also does an okay Oliver!-style musical number.

Sure, the makeup is extremely cheesy, Benji gets precious little to do, the girl from the Benji flicks is a little annoying (what else is new :D),but calling this bottom of the barrel is completely unfair and out of line. Don't believe it! I pulled this out of the bargain bin for about $6. Worth every penny. I also have the first 2 Benji flicks (I love those, especially the top notch original). Those first couple of Benji dogs were great little actors. He's just a set piece in this but still provides some Christmas warmth.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation4 / 10

The focus does not match the title

"Benji's Very Own Christmas Story" is a 25-minute live action short film from 1978, so this one will have its 40th anniversary soon already and the title character Benji is a dog that was included in quite a few films and projects back then. So here is his film about the holidays, perhaps his most known. But the title is misleading as the star in the center of the story here is clearly Ron Moody playing Kris Kringle about a decade after his career-defining film Oliver! Now we shall take about that one on another occasion. This one here sadly did not really get me into the Christmas spirit despite the set decoration and costumes. Moody is trying his best, but the story will never have you on the edge of your seat. And with Benji so forgettable in terms of the plot, it's not one for canine lovers. The other human characters, i.e. his owners, were just as uninteresting. It's a showpiece for Moody, but there is nothing of substance built around him when it comes to story, characters, emotion etc. The Emmy nomination (lost to Sesame Street) may have been a bit too much already. Shame. I really thought I'd like this better. Don't watch.

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