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Reviewed by baehr_adam9 / 10

A Worthy Movie To The After Dark Horrorfest Films.

I will make this short and sweet. I usually would go off in a long diatribe about how much I love or hate a movie but here is my review. The story is about 5 strangers coming together in a remote B&B in the mountains and there is a killer aloof. I enjoyed the story. I will now move onto the acting which the movie was cast Superbly for a movie of this status meaning not to well known. The cast did a great job of portraying the dire situation that surrounded them. The soundtrack is what made the movie though to be quite honest it reminded me of The Guest and also You're Next meaning it was very retro. I will move along to the kills and while there weren't many they were done with a nice touch of finesse. I will say though that the one gripe I had as a horror fanatic is that the movie was a tad on the short side being only one hour and twenty minutes long so when the killing finally starts it happens way to quickly but outside of that I loved this movie and I would definitely recommend watching it. I have seen a lot of the After Dark Horrorfest Films since they started up in 2006 and this is most assuredly one of the better films in the collection.

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy3 / 10

One Bastard of a Movie

"After Dark" has made some very decent trips into the horror genre. This is not one of those trips.

"Bastard" opens with a man picking up a girl staring out into space while (I suppose) her companion works on something. The girl has the personality of a fence post. As it turns out, the two companions are actually just married and are also serial killers. They off the man, steal his car, and go in search of their next victims. Cut to a scene where a boy and girl are leaving wherever it is they live. Turns out the girl pukes a lot (there is a very obvious reason for this) and they are picked up by the serial killers. Add to the mix a seriously messed up suicidal policeman (and cross dresser),and there are the main actors in this movie.

After a throwaway scene, the two couples are directed to (and arrive at) a bed and breakfast, unaware that a serial killer also lurks around those parts. It takes a while for the movie to get to this plot line, so I don't know if there is enough to hold anyone's attention up to this point.

I won't go any further into any detail; you'll just have to suffer like I did. The graphic gore doesn't really start until their arrival, and then it just seemed like it was violence-for-violence's sake. And if you cannot figure out who the killer is, you need to turn in your Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys badges because, yes, it's THAT obvious.

This is one of the few "After Dark" movies that did not work on any level, as far as I was concerned. The infamous Swiss cheese script, characters no one cares about, and a laughable ending. C'mon on After Dark; you can do MUCH better than this.

Rated R for graphic violence and language.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10

Do you know what irony is?

The film starts out with three subplots. We have a newlywed couple who are musicians and killers. There is a second couple with different issues running away from home. And we meet a gay suicidal ex-sheriff. They all gather at a bed and breakfast where we have a non-introduced slasher wearing a mask aka DVD cover.

The characters seemed quirky enough. Dan Creed and Ellis Greer had characters that carried the film. The slasher aspect was more like a WTF...seriously? Although it sort of tied into the "theme" and title. Burt Culver had a ridiculously weak character.

Good sex scene. Should have left it gone on a few more seconds.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Emily Lopato, Tonya Kay with ugly pasties...I think.)

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