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Kyla Pratt as Francesca
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London Brown as Bobby
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Nadine Ellis as Kandi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adandrews-066813 / 10

Great to see Kyla again

Idk if it's the writing, directing or acting but this is like somebody filmed each character all the way through and patched it together at the end. No chemistry, bad timing, silly stereotypes, just strange. That said, Kyla is good as could be expected with her talent, the writing and editing, etc. Lahmad (sp?) is good in his small part. Disappointed but in disbelief that it's this bad, so I'll probably finish it. Won't say not to watch it, just do so with a huge serving of patience and low expectations.

Reviewed by audio_until5 / 10

Was Hoping For More Substance

Was hoping from the BET tv channel description that it would be like Working girl or Baby Boom somewhat based on the opening part of it. It was like pulling teeth to watch parts of it. A lot of the lingo I found hard to comprehend and some of the music I'm just not used to. I just felt the "substance" parts I was craving for was lacking and that a lot of the rest of it was "fluff". I guess it was just not my "cup of tea" as some say. I'm not good at writing reviews so just use your own judgment. I like that she got "every girl's wish"<for the most part - at the end and I was really happy that she helped someone in their business to be a success so those two things were positive for me. Like I said I'm not good at writing reviews so I guess that's all I have to say.

Reviewed by rafika1 / 10

Worst movie ever!

OK. I was set for a Hallmark-style snoozefest, but this was even worse. OMG! The acting was terrible, the settings were nondescript the direction was undisciplined, and the story line was ridiculous. I can't imagine whoever wrote this wasn't embarassed to see it on screen. I had the hardest time following the story to the end with all the cliches and stereotypes throughout. The pacing of this film was off from beginning to end. For example, there is an unexplained six-month gap in the story that makes no sense whatsoever. I felt no attraction, chemistry or energy between any of these actors and just couldn't wait until it was over and I didn't have to hear that shrill, screechy voice of the lead any longer. Do not waste your time watching this film!

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