Love Unleashed


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Jen Lilley as Hailey Goode
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Christopher Russell as Ryan Hill
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Donna Benedicto as Dana Barton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird5 / 10

Love that could have been unleashed more

Hallmark did have some above average and more films in 2019, as well as some misfires, in all their seasonal blocks. Jen Lilley and Christopher Russell have always been hit and miss for me, particularly Lilley who has had her fair share of poorly written roles. The premise didn't really sound all that interesting or innovative, but there are films that don't sound great on paper but turn out better than expected. Anything with puppies is also worth watching.

As far as 2019 Hallmark goes, 'Love Unleashed' is not one of the worst (like 'Christmas Scavenger Hunt' or 'Christmas at Dollywood'). Nowhere near, and actually it could have been a lot worse than it turned out. It is also not one of the best of the batch either, it's no for example 'Love and Sunshine'. The premise was nothing special, the execution of it was pretty much the same. There are good things in 'Love Unleashed' but also some bad. Making for an average effort.

Shall start with the good. Russell was naturally easy going and subtly charming, not as introverted as he can be. The supporting cast are more than competent and show a good deal of personality, even though their roles are little more than typical Hallmark cliches. The puppies are absolutely adorable and steal every scene they are in.

The scenery and overall production values are lovely to watch too while the music is pleasant enough.

'Love Unleashed' however is significantly weakened by the story, which not only is predictable from sticking too close to a well worn and borderline tired formula it is also very slight (at times even uneventful) and too slow moving. Also thought that the film played it too safe and didn't do anything distinctive or any risk taking, the lack of tension, the too convenient ending and the contrived conflict can also be seen. The script can sound quite awkward and cheesy as well as too sentimental.

Was rather mixed on Lilley. She has moments where she is charming and radiant, but there are also times where she seemed to be trying too hard when her character is not particularly easy to warm to. She and Russell don't have enough chemistry together, it has its moments once it warms up but somehow it felt underdeveloped and too careful. The characters are not ones that one hates, but development wise there is little to them.

In conclusion, pretty mixed here. 5/10.

Reviewed by jewhitmer255 / 10

Christopher Russell, wow!

Christopher Russell as Ryan Hill and Jen Lilley as Hailey Goode did a credible job in the movie. What's not to like about Christopher Russell, good looking, heart-stopping smile, good actor. Jen Lilley is sweet, very pretty, and obviously pregnant in some scenes. But after a couple scenes I hardly noticed it anymore.

Bailey Skodje as Emmy Hill was adorable and a fairly good actress.

Puppies were cute and cuddly, clearly type cast. But please, people, learn to hold puppies, grasping them around the middle and letting them dangle in your arms is just not comfortable or safe for the puppies.

All in all it's a very sweet, predictable HM film. No surprises.

A better script would have been nice, I pitied the actors in some of the scenes and they were trying so hard to make it work with a mediocre script.

Question - in one scene Ryan says that his daughter would go binoculars if she knew he was with the puppies without her, What does that even mean???

My Advice: It's watchable and worth the 80 some minutes.

Reviewed by omijer6 / 10

very typical Hallmark movie

To this avid Hallmark watcher, this movie seemed like it was written with a 'formula' that too many films adhere to. There was very little originality in the story line. The outcomes were predictable, and there seemed almost no reason to stay with the movie till the end. However, that said, credit should be given for some very charming acting on the part of the little girl, who embraced her role with enthusiasm and energy..The leading man, Christopher Russell, is always attractive and romantic. He did well with a very minimal and uncreative script, and, as a single dad and widower, made the hero of this movie someone relatable and sympathetic.. And now a word about Jen Lillie..Clearly, once again, she is pregnant in a film that casts her as a single businesswoman..Not sure why Hallmark continues to do this, but most viewers will notice her camouflaging clothing and her camera angles. Additionally, this lovely actress seems to have a very limited repertoire of facial expressions, causing her to smile frantically in every scene, no matter what the dialogue calls for . Perhaps she could be encouraged to try some different emotions, some more serious expressions, and a great deal less frantic smiling. This movie was pleasant, the puppies were adorable,but the drawbacks were so glaring that it left the viewer ready to forget every scene.

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