Astronaut: The Last Push


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

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Lance Henriksen Photo
Lance Henriksen as Walter Moffitt
Brian Baumgartner Photo
Brian Baumgartner as Bob Jansen
Khary Payton Photo
Khary Payton as Michael Forrest
James Madio Photo
James Madio as Nathan Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by face-819-9337266 / 10

So many good things should not make such a bad movie.

Nice one man play in the form of a movie with background supporting characters. No really this as a good movie though, it just feels like it was made as a test film to send around to the studios to try and get some real money. Great story that should grab you nicely in the first few minutes, and at least keep you on board for quite a while. The movie does suffer in the lack of any real action or suspense, but there is some really good acting, and the special effects are good for the budget they had to work with.(I can say better than you would see last decade, just not enough of it) Might touch your heart a bit, but then they will put a stop to that don't you worry. I liked seeing Brian Baumgartner not playing a buffoon, but a much more rounded character who gets to show many sides. This movie has been getting a bunch of hype, but I just don't think it is quite there. Some nice surprises, and new stories for a movie, but not enough effort to put the whole thing together, and a slow uninteresting decent into madness for too much of the main story, but then just not without more than a badly produced video from earth. Enjoy if you wanna get spaced out.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Gets across the boredom of space travel and then some

ASTRONAUT: THE LAST PUSH is a semi-realistic science fiction drama about an astronaut who, after an accident, is left alone in space to make a three year journey back to Earth in real time. The viewer is given access to his mind and mental wellbeing through a series of voice overs and video logs as he receives messages from well-wishers and his superiors back on Earth...

Story isn't the strong point of this film, but it does get across the boredom of space travel because ASRONAUT: THE LAST PUSH is a very boring film. Very little happens in terms of plotting and some pretty CGI visuals of spaceships and the like aren't going to distract us from the obvious flaws and limitations of the budget.

The only thing this has going for it is the acting of Khary Payton, who plays the main astronaut. He underplays it for the most part and does a pretty good job as a man just bored of his whole existence. Things only get dramatic in the last stages, but it's a long, long journey until then and a couple of tacked-on scenes of Lance Henriksen sitting in front of a green screen don't really help.

Reviewed by arthur_tafero3 / 10

Good Try, No Cigar - The Last Push

This is a low-budget sci-fi film that tries to play with the big boys and falls short. The story about an aborted space exploration of a moon of Jupiter is an interesting premise, but what we really get is a pretty boring mess. The lead actor tries to take a leaden script and bring it to life; but it is dead on arrival. There is little tension in the film, and the ideas you can come up with for filming in one room for over an hour are quite limited. Outside of the first ten minutes, there is no action. The "surprise" ending is idiotic. To be viewed only by the most addicted space film addicts.

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