Arctic Apocalypse


Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nammur1 / 10

Lower than 1, it is ( - 10)

This movie cost is 10$, graphics were made using Paint, nothing makes sense, Statue of Liberty supposed that it got covered to the head, yet roads are still open cars are walking as it is normal snowy day. Very bad movie.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca3 / 10

Cheese fest

A typical cheese-fest from the infamous combination of The Asylum and the SyFy Channel. ARCTIC APOCALYPSE once again features a story in which the world is assailed by a natural disaster and a single family are forced to flee cross-country while trying to evade things trying to kill them associated with said disaster. Here it's lots of snow and ice and even a few wolves and human psychos for good mix. It's bottom of the barrel stuff, largely uninteresting unless you have a real soft spot for such fare.

Reviewed by mark.waltz3 / 10

The perfect movie to hand onto friends you want to dump.

An icy review for an ice packed movie, so inconsequential that it went directly to streaming rather than even get onto a low level cable channel. Unlike the blockbuster disaster movies "The Day After Tomorrow" and "2012", this skips right to the disaster having occured and the survivors desperately seeking to connect with family starting right there. So far, so good, as this cuts out the soap opera that those movies spent far too much time on. But not good in the sense that the buildup is what makes you root for these characters.

We've got a husband and wife trying to get to their daughter who is driving with her boyfriend nearly goes over cliff, finding herself on a lake surrounded by trees then realizing that below her is some sort of structure. How did those tree trunks then appear higher than the building? The younger folks end up in what appears to be a school filled with kids whom they decide to aide resulting in arguments over why they think they need to take charge just as an avalanche hits. Strike two occurs as I would not want to be trapped with any of these people during a disaster. Snowy conditions and then a clear road gives us more to laugh at.

So we've got a disaster, arrogant young people, bad dialog and a situation that seems unmanageable. Planes moving on a runway as the worst storm hits that area, and contraptions not plugged in that ever seem to run out of juice add to more ridiculousness. Are we supposed to believe that the polar ice caps moved so far south or north that the entire world is now engulfed by this type of weather in a matter of a day? One thing for sure though is that I was not bored because there's so much to point out what's wrong with it and it justifies why some people should not go into writing or acting because they are like a class in media 101 of don't let this happen to you.

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