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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird1 / 10

A disgrace to animation

'Norm of the North' is not quite the worst animated film ever, and there are worse films overall out there as well. This is saying little, because 'Norm of the North' is down there as one of the worst animated films in existence and it's a disgrace to animation, it's that bad.

From the looks of the undeservedly high number of useful votes for the mostly poorly written (since when are plot summaries, repetition and hardly any reasoning enough to warrant one useful vote, let alone 100+) and useless positive user reviews, which have been proved to be fraudulent and most likely the work of one person or a small group of people using multiple accounts, this is not going to be a popular review despite being an honest and hopefully constructively critical one. This is not being ignorant, they have been violating, or at least close to doing so, IMDb's Terms and Conditions for two and a half years now, and it is disgusting that they are contributing towards destroying the credibility of a good site and it has been proved that deleting of reviews or de-authenticating/deleting their accounts is not enough to stop them doing it again and escalating, which is what has happened. If there are people who genuinely like/dislike a film that's fine by me, as long as the reviews are worth reading which means summing up strengths and faults thoughtfully and maturely without resorting to insults, inventing conspiracy theories or taking the "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude, which for some films IMDb reviews are solely lacking in at the moment.

Back to 'Norm of the North' and summing up all that's wrong with it, it is very poorly animated and wouldn't even pass muster quality-wise for CGI animation ten plus years ago. The colours are flat, the backgrounds are sparse in detail and lack fluidity and the character designs especially the titular character are ugly in design and stiff in movement. There is nothing memorable in the music, and it's intrusive, often annoying and doesn't fit the scene. 'Norm of the Norm' fares even worse in the writing department.

There is not a single good line of dialogue, joke or gag. The dialogue completely lacks wit and has no natural flow or rhythm, constantly sounding disjointed. The jokes are very forced and limply timed, with a complete lack of originality and maturity. Similarly the gags are childish and unfunny with unimaginative visuals. If one has to pick the worst asset to 'Norm of the North' it is the story which is a complete shambles. There is a distinct lack of charm, fun or heart, everything just reeks of cheap, it's paced erratically with a leaden pace and a jumpy structure. With the jumpy story structure coupled with parts feeling incomplete and a very confused tone that borders on the heavy-handed, the story is not always easy to follow, and is often incoherent even. Target audience is a real issue, children will find it too complicated, adults will find it stupid and simplistic and with little of interest. The message is a good one and is well-intended but badly ruined by being delivered with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The dance sequences are random, out of place and scream of incompleteness.

Some have said the characters have some likability. Not to me, to me their personalities were not engaging or in depth (wasn't expecting complexity or three-dimensionality, but was expecting to be able to care for the characters) enough and some grated on the nerves actually. Some have also said about the lemmings being scene stealers, with comparisons to the Minions from the 'Despicable Me' franchise or the penguins from the 'Madagascar' franchise. For me though, those characters were much funnier, cuter and more charming, the lemmings were pretty bland and irritated more than amused. The voice actors across the board fail to bring much passion or fun to their characters, with a lot of going through the motions and over-compensating.

In summary, awful and a disgrace to animation. 1/10 (a rating that this reviewer has not given out since February). Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

inferior fare

Norm is a polar bear in the Arctic. As a young bear, he discovers that he can talk human and his grandfather is the same. More tourists show up on short tours. One day, he discovers a model home. Greedy developer Mr. Greene plans to build arctic homes for the rich. Vera works for him hoping he would get her daughter Olympia into a high class private school. Norm sneaks onto the boat with three lemmings to go to New York to stop the development. His grandfather has disappeared and later found held prisoner by Greene. Greene needs to convince the public and The Polar Council to support his development. He hires Norm to be his spokesman as everybody assumes Norm to be an actor in a bear suit.

The animation is on a lower level than the best that Pixar has to offer. It's a bit blocky and some of the animal faces are a little off-putting. Mr. Greene's wavy movements are distracting. The story itself is a messier version of better kid movies. The Arctic is fine but the New York world is weakly cartoonish. It is inferior animated fare than the top level stuff right now.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters8 / 10


I liked the cliche filled film, even if your kid didn't.

Norm is a polar bear who was born with the ability to speak English, and by English I mean American English and not that stuff with foreign accents. When the ironically named Mr. Greene decides to build modern homes in the Arctic, Norm travels to NYC in an attempt to save his home and later that Grandpa thing. He meets the very do-able Vera, drawn almost anime style as they attempt to rescue everybody in this formula film.

There are multiple themes about saving the Arctic and wildlife, but no mention of that global warming thing, a controversial subject that only 99% of the planet can agree upon. There is an us (99%) vs them (1 %) theme in a Mr. Greene statement yet his investors turn out to be good guys. Mr Greene has a name which warns us that not everything labeled "green" is actually "green" and not all NY real estate moguls live up to their name. I am not sure why the NYC council has legal jurisdiction over the Arctic, but plot continuity is not a sell point.

The cutesy film is also a musical and should have an appeal to the 5-8 year old group with fart humor and "Shut Up and Dance With Me" number.

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