Annie Claus Is Coming to Town


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen4 / 10

This was somewhat of a bland Christmas movie experience...

I sat down to watch "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" during the Christmas season, as part of a great many number of Christmas movies to watch. I must admit, though, that "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" was not among the better of all the Christmas movies that I watched.

Sure, the movie had a decent enough storyline, however, it just wasn't outstanding or particularly memorable. The story about Santa's daughter taking a trip away from the North Pole was interesting enough. But there was just too much of a contrast between where the movie wanted to go and where it ended up going. And I wasn't particularly impressed with the outcome of the movie at the hands of director Kevin Connor.

Maria Thayer is a good enough actress for a movie such as this, and she certainly does have that unique charm and quality that was required to pull off something like a movie such as this. However, she was just struggling with a less than adequate script.

The movie also suffered from being too sappy and predictable. Sure, this was a Christmas movie shown on the Hallmark Channel, but did it have to follow every single step of how to make a family-friendly Christmas movie? It just ended up as being very generic and mundane.

There are far better Christmas movies available, movies that are more Warming to the heart and brings a smile to the lips. "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" just didn't had enough to put underneath the Christmas tree, pardon the pun.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

Worth coming to town for

Am not somebody who hates Christmas or has a bias against made for television Christmas films. The complete opposite on both counts and have made that clear more than once and will continue to do so if necessary (though am refraining as much as possible from reiterating too much). Evident from a number of positive reviews for the Christmas output of Hallmark and Lifetime. The premise for 'Annie Claus is Coming to Town' did sound quite interesting and seemed at times like it was trying to do something a little different.

Over the past two years or so, my Christmas film completest quest (made up for primarily those from Hallmark and Lifetime) has been very interesting but also hit and miss. Some were very charming, easy to digest and lovely watches with good casts. Others were very dull, cheesy, too sentimental and badly written and acted. 'Annie Claus is Coming to Town' is mostly in the former category, though it is far from perfect or quite my definition of a great film.

Was not that taken with most of the supporting cast. Ryan Bittle for example really goes overboard making his already over the top cliched character as unlikeable as possible and is pretty much a cartoon. Peter Jason is also one of the dullest Santas personally seen and he doesn't look comfortable or like he wanted to be there.

Some of the music could have been toned down and been used more sparingly. Some very shoddy effects work going too.

However, there is a lot in 'Annie Claus is Coming to Town' that works. The best thing about it is a truly sparkling Maria Thayer, who really lights up the screen and is immensely likeable. While her character is very easy to be charmed by, she doesn't make her too perfect seeing as one is on occasion frustrated with figuring out what she sees in Dean. Sam Page is similarly amiable and their chemistry is natural and genuine, though more time could have been devoted to developing it more. The best supporting cast member is Vivica A. Fox, she gives her role energy and also integrity. Most of the characters are executed well.

Effects aside, 'Annie Claus is Coming to Town' looks good. The scenery is truly attractive and photographed with a lot of love. Enough of the music is pleasantly nostalgic and gives off a suitably festive atmosphere when necessary. The script is cohesive and doesn't come over as awkward, it also takes itself seriously without being dreary and the sentimentality doesn't become too much. The story is pretty conventional, but its endless charm, its good nature and warm heart more than more up for that.

In conclusion, not great but still liked it a good deal. 7/10.

Reviewed by SimonJack7 / 10

Different plot makes for a fun Christmas film

Every now and then, the Hallmark Channel comes up with a different plot for a Christmas movie. And, most of those are quite good. "Annie Claus Is Coming to Town" is such a film.

Although it follows a familiar theme about the eventual replacement for the current Santa Claus, the plot is unique enough to make this a fine comedy romance for Christmas viewing. Most of the cast are good, and Maria Thayer is superb as Annie Claus. When she rents her room at the Candy Cane Motel, she tells Lucy her last name is spelled with a K.

Thayer's Annie is a constantly joyful person - it wouldn't be right to say she is "chronically" joyful. It's her nature, coming from where she does. And, her joyfulness is infectious. That's something that would likely be overdone, or come across as corny or sappy by many another actor. But Thayer makes it seem real, pleasing and refreshing.

This is a more modern film that most family members should enjoy over the Christmas holidays. The film has some funny and clever lines, and gets in a couple gentle digs about living in the Los Angeles area. Here are my favorites.

Martha Claus, "All right, Annie. Are you ready to see where sabbatical will be taking you?" Annie, "Oh, I'm so excited, mother. It could be anywhere. Paris. Prague. Pittsburgh."

Lucy, "Well, we're pretty comfortable around here living in fear of each other. We tend to not make eye contact if we can help it." Annie, "When I pass someone without a smile, I like to offer mine."

Lucy, to her daughter, "Don't you ever run after a man, hear me?" Mia, "Okay."

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