Angels Sing


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Connie Britton as Susan Walker
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Harry Connick Jr. as Michael Walker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kburbank7-881-6535728 / 10

Lots of Music and Singing

A great family show with musical artists. My family enjoyed it. I rated it as high as I did because it is a quality Christmas production. There seems to be a limited number of plot lines for Christmas. This film had a bittersweet twist that gave more substance to it. It is definitely not a fluff movie. I found nothing offensive that would prevent viewing by a family. Willie Nelson's character, Nick adds a bit of whimsy to the story. Harry Connick plays a caring, intelligent father with a tender heart and a load of guilt. It is well balanced with music and acting, which I thought was credible. It is a new movie this season and I bought it not knowing anything about it except that it had a cast of monumental musical talent. I was not disappointed, although a little more singing by this talented cast would have been welcome. It's a sweet story, but not saccharin.

Reviewed by iranu-741953 / 10

Some money was spent and some quality singing, nothing more though

Script/storyline needed the Best Director in the whole World to rescue it. Gues what : that person was on holiday. Kudos to Connik's wife character in this movie - she did a sterling job of lifting it. Many reviewers say that Nelson threw in a performance. but I must have seen another film, because he over-acted like a champion. With an obviously generous budget - somebody should have bought Connick (1) a decent wig and (2) a razor. The end result was that a quality cast were given a 99cent script.

Reviewed by Jack Vasen5 / 10

Lot's of musical talent

This one is going depend a lot on your taste. I personally didn't like it, but for old fashioned country lovers, I can see the appeal.

There is a lot of musical talent in the movie and a lot of Christmas singing and a lot of guitar. A lot of the songs are heavily embellished with the personal styles of the artists.

There is a good bit of humor. The story rambles a bit and the tone is a little down at times given the tragedies. I wasn't overly impressed with the acting. The father-son theme was strong and a bit of preaching Christmas is about Christ, yet it didn't beat you over the head with religion.

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