An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)


Action / Comedy / Horror / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by petermullins2 / 10

A Steaming Pile Of...

OK, it had a modest twist on what is a zombie, vampire, etc. (therefore it gets 2 instead of 1 out of 10). Otherwise, this was a badly made, poorly scripted, terribly acted, low budget steaming pile of... You get the idea!

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen3 / 10

Dysfunctional family, but way too bland...

Well, the concept idea behind the 2017 movie "An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)" definitely was interesting enough, just a shame that the movie itself flopped as much as it did.

When I sat down in 2021 to watch "An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)", I hadn't even heard about it, and I didn't know what it was about. But given the movie's title, then I assumed that I was in for a zombie movie.

And as the movie started and I saw Kane Hodder was in it, I must admit that I was sort of thrilled. But Kane Hodder wasn't in the movie for a long time actually, and he only did so little to lift up the movie.

The storyline told in "An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)" was boring and bland. Nothing much of any interest happened throughout the course of the entire movie, which made the movie feel a lot longer than it actually was. And with it being so mundane, it was not a great movie experience.

The characters in the movie were semi-adequate. I mean, some of the characters had appeal and could be interesting, while others felt like mere fillers in the background to populate the movie on the screen. The acting performances, were for the most parts adequate enough. This isn't award-winning performances though.

I wasn't particularly entertained by what writer and director Anne Welles managed to do with this 2017 movie.

I am rating "An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)" a mere three out of ten movies. It wasn't a zombie movie in the traditional zombie movie manner, and the movie just fell short of being entertaining.

Reviewed by stephaniemazzeo10 / 10

We can relate to Ted's dysfunctional family!

The movie was funny and quirky. The actors were definitely pros. Amazing work by the entire crew. Great set designs.

Dysfunctional families are the norm in today's society but this film takes it to a whole new level. You can't help but feel bad for Ted. Romantic and hysterical wrapped together. Love wins in the end.

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