All for Love


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Sara Rue as Jo Payden
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Teryl Rothery as Diana Kelly
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Steve Bacic as Colin Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjanssens268 / 10

Whether Hallmark or Lifetime, this was great

Caught this on Prime on Christmas day 2021. Not sure if it was a Hallmark or Lifetime production. It's definitely one of the more heartwarming romantic comedies I've seen in a while. Silly me, caught myself smiling widely with glee at certain points while watching this. The two leads have great chemistry and were nice to look at which is always a plus. Check it out if you like romance movies.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

Seal of approval

Throughout my recently started Hallmark film completest quest expanding (so The Spring Fever, Summer Nights, Fall Harvest etc blocks on top of the Christmas films) an interesting quest but very mixed one, there was never the mentality of expecting a classic or the film in question to be flawless. Which never was the case. There was always the expectation of seeing a film where one can see at least some effort rather than merely cash-in level.

For me, a good deal of effort was seen with 'All for Love' (or 'All Anything or Love'). It is far from perfect, more uneven, and isn't great, with one or two things particularly unbalancing it somewhat (such as finding it very difficult to get behind the female lead character). But there was a lot to like about 'All for Love', and the best aspects were pretty impressive (primarily most of the cast). As far as the 2017 Hallmark efforts go, it is in the middle of the pack category, though credit is due for trying to do something different to usual for Hallmark at this point of its filmography.

Am going to start with the good things about 'All for Love'. It is a very nice looking film, one of Hallmark's best looking 2017 films in my view. The scenery really does entrance and the photography doesn't cheapen it at all. The music at least fits tonally and in placement and has presence without being over-loud. The dialogue is sharp enough and flows naturally, while also having the right amount of sentiment (not too much in quality and quantity).

Characters aren't complex, then again that shouldn't be expected watching Hallmark, but aren't too stereotypical and are generally likeable enough. The story may be predictable and not perfect in execution, but it is incredibly charming, sweet without being too sugary and very heart-warming. There is a nice lightness to it too on the whole. The cast on the whole are impressive, with Steve Bacic a truly subtly charismatic and easy to like lead. Teryl Rothery does no nonsense so well and is a definite scene stealer.

Less good is Sara Rue. She does try hard, but in my mind too much of the time her efforts came over as over-compensating where she exaggerates her character's flaws (of which there are plenty to the extent it is not easy seeing her virtues). Her character Jo is pretty hard to take, too whiny, too spineless, too indecisive, too quick to jump to conclusions, too disrespectful and quite childish. Actually found every bit as difficult to swallow what Bacic's character saw in her and why he put up with her.

While the central chemistry is there and has appealing moments, there are times where it too low key. The story is formulaic and other than the setting and some of the scenario not much is new so there are parts later on that feel bland. The conflict is very forced in writing and in Rue's acting, comes out of the blue and lacks tension and the ending is far too convenient and pat, another case of it feeling undeserved.

In conclusion, quite nice but unbalanced by the unlikeability of the female lead character and Rue trying too hard. 6/10.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Hallmark SEAL

Romance novelist Josephine Payden (Sara Rue) has not been doing well. Her last two books have flopped. She's alone. Her publisher Diana (Teryl Rothery) is concerned that her newest book with a Navy SEAL male lead is even worst. She pairs her up with an actual Navy SEAL war hero, her brother Colin Kelly (Steve Bacic).

This feels like Hallmark came up with the premise in a weird brainstorming session. It's not the most realistic concept. Romance novels are not well known for their accuracy. Although Bacic could conceivably be Navy SEAL material, most of the recruits do not look like it. The obstacle course is closer to a corporate retreat. On the positive side, Sara Rue is game for anything and she's great. Boiling it down to its core, there is a functional romance and it's a perfectly fine Hallmark movie.

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