Air Force the Movie: Danger Close

2022 [MALAY]

Action / Adventure / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ajleong-987257 / 10

Great effort, but there is still room for improvement!

The storyline is quite simple, straight-forward and easy to understand. It's pretty much like those Hollywood military movies, it just requires a reason to be attacked, and there it comes all the attacks go on the troops!

The pace is alright, with actions here and there to keep the momentum going.

There are sufficient action scenes to keep audiences entertained. BUT none is great and 'memorable' enough to impress audiences. Besides, with the movie name - AirForce, I expected to see more fighting and defence in the air, BUT it's just about 20~30% in the air and 70~80% on the ground (PASKAU squad).

The character development is good in a way that within a short moment, audiences could see the different backgrounds and characters of each PASKAU member. BUT with their actions in there, I started to suspect their maturity and mental stability for such an important mission. E.g. Rushing to save a child, while putting all team members at risk and so on.

A few flaws are picked up as follows:

Firstly, some fighting scenes are really shaky, e.g. The fight in the tunnel. I could hardly see anything due to the poor lighting + shaky camera, and felt rather dizzy, as such I gave up watching for that 1 minute!! Gosh! Give me a BREAK!!

Secondly, the long-haired villain seems to be really BAD and CRUEL! I expected to see a great fight between Lejen and him! BUT.. it ended up with a 'close-door fight', and audiences didn't know what happened, and somehow he died!!! Hello~~ if that's the case, then pls waste time building his character as if he is the real BAD-ASS at the first place!

Thirdly, the jet-fight scene is great! BUT I could not tell which was the Malaysian jet-fighter & which is the enemy's. If that part could be made clearer, it would be great!

Finally, from the backstory, the movie was supposed to show the restoration of friendship or reconciliation between Mantis and Zaf. BUT it went missing! And there is no further story about it!

For a local production, I gave 7.0/ 10. Everything is intact! It gives you all that you want to see! It's worth your money to support a local movie like this!!

Reviewed by fizahfizzy8 / 10

Loving the plot and effort put into the movie

Some scenes or plot lacks some explanation from the characters. Cinematography could be improved as it could get a bit shaky.

Though, You can see that there was alot of effort put into the movie. Scenes felt surreal. The jets, airplanes and helicopter must've needed alot of approval in order to operate, no? Jalan cerita gradual lepastu masuk climax just nice je. Effect and transition pon bagus. Overall, i love it! Wanna watch again.

Reviewed by UltraViolet77792 / 10

Very poor execution

I rate this from 5 angles: Story, characters, editing, camera works, soundtracks with 2 stars for each.

All I can say the premise about a rescue mission is okay; but, the story and characters buildup is terrible as the story progresses. The camera works are quite impressive however (except where the CGI is so conspicuous and the camera is too shaky). The editing is all over the place and the pace feels too fast. The tracks and themes fail to enhance the visuals and movie round-up all the way through the credits roll.

In hindsight, the director should have focused on the grounded soldiers all the way through and not jump back and forth between the airbase and the crash site because it takes away the time to build up the characters as the story move on; the characters from engineers to pilots and senior officers at the airbase hardly interact at all anyway and makes the atmosphere feels unreal.

The kind of music that I feel would set the mood for this movie is the kind that was used in Blackhawk Down. You can just end the movie with instruments (instrumental version of Ella's Standing in the eyes of the world or the instrumental versions of Sejahtera Malaysia/Demi Negara (by Lim Kok Wing students) come to mind) and not necessarily a song much less a rock song.

After all been said, I do have some parts that I like such as when the A400 plane got shot and the crews have to bail out, I can feel the tension.

So, that's my takes on this movie.

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