A Dark Reflection


Action / Thriller

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Marina Sirtis as Maggie Jaspar
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Bill Ward as Terry
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Stephen Tompkinson as Captain David Morris
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Reviewed by rhhmunro8 / 10

Top exposure for West Sussex

I live on West Sussex and all the best bits are here. From Fontwell Park racecourse (glad to see Goodwood didn't get all the attention for once) to Douthdowns Gliding Club to sweeping views of the South Downs themselves. Lovely interiors of the great eateries of Horsham which have quaintly refused to move out of the 1980s fight for your attention with the baronial grandeur of Ashurst Park Hotel and it's plush draperies.

In amongst all of this is some confusing stuff about aeroplanes.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters8 / 10

Pilot Error

The film is based on a true story.

Reporter Helen Eastman (Georgina Sutcliffe) returns from the Middle East after her bf camera man became too successful at catching bullets. She takes a mundane job at same town newspaper. Her new BF (TJ Herbert) is an air traffic controller who gets suspended for what appears to be pilot error. Helen starts a small investigation that escalates into Erin Brockovich status, involving airlines poisoning people with fumes.

The film was interesting but lacked the persona drama, emotion, and intensity of said "Erin Brockovich" or "All the President's Men." The ending lacked that great gotcha moment or heartfelt scene...perhaps too close to the truth.

Guide: No f-bomb, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by Burny184 / 10

Aerotoxins lead to chronic illness...

Surely, if you have been flying a lot over the past decade, then you have most likely smelled some gas fumes here and there, when you boarded the plane and/or while flying. This film does an excellent depiction of how large aircraft companies try to escape liability and do whatever they can to deter potential claimants that could initially destroy their business. The ugly truth is that consumers are exposed to aero toxins while breathing in cabin air. The solution at the end of the film is convincing, an air filter, (which should have been made available in the first place) is now protecting the future consumers from being exposed to aero toxins. Undeniably, this film has raised my awareness of the types of health risks that comes with flying frequently. I think it was time to shed light on such concerns as our health should come first.

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