Advantages of Travelling by Train

2019 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy / Mystery / Thriller

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Javier Botet Photo
Javier Botet as Gárate
Quim Gutiérrez Photo
Quim Gutiérrez as Emilio
Luis Tosar Photo
Luis Tosar as Martín Urales de Úbeda
Belén Cuesta Photo
Belén Cuesta as Amelia Urales de Úbeda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robinhoffmann-356939 / 10

Truly fresh and inspiring.

This movie is fantastic. It's about stories in stories in stories told by stories who change to stories... And so on. I don't wanna spoil, but I felt super amused, moved and inspired. But at the and. That doesn't matter. It's just a fictional film. So. Watch it. Or not. Have a good day.

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Eternal darkness of the mind (not spotless)

Travelling on a train, you might get someone who is ... let's say interesting. Than again, maybe you are also very interesting yourself. So this movie that is assembled of many parts and seems detached from each other, is actually very much connected. But if you've seen more than one movie, you can assemble that yourself.

What you may not be able to decode, is the connections. And while you can spend your time guessing, you can also just enjoy the mayhem and madness that occurs. There are many dark moments amongst the very fun and light moments. This mixture may not be to your taste, but the movie does that balancing act quite nicely. The tone is tough to acoomplish, but if you yourself are not too sensible, the movie will achieve satisfying your needs ... which may be even in a weird way. Again not judging one way or the other. Sick humor and some depraved things aside, this really is tension filled ... with an ending that you may guess in a way ... but that still is spot on - even if you may not know what it actually means (you can decide that for yourself)

Reviewed by El_Ingeniero8 / 10

Fresh, daring, poetic and absolutely bananas

Probably one of the best Spanish films in the decade in my humble opinion. These twisted stories are much more than that: a fantastic hyperbolic metaphor of a toxic, claustophobic relationship, a Proust-like character's vision of the world, a reflection on fiction itself... All of it wrapped up in very dark humour and some quite shocking scenes. The aforementioned scenes might put off some viewers and I can absolutely understand. Having said that, we might have said the same thing about OEdipus' parricide, incest and self-mutilation and passed on a great story. Thank God we didn't, and I hope most viewers will give this fresh take on narration a chance.

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