Abduction Runs in the Family



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Jessica Morris as Alyssa Manning
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pumping_iron-11 / 10

Couldn't buy this story

A man kidnaps a child because CPS took his away. That's ridiculous. CPS thought he couldn't take care of his biological child after her mother died. But he took very good care of the kidnapped child. Why couldn't he just keep pushing CPS to prove to them he could take care of his child. He was just in a bad emotional state after his wife's death. If he needed his daughter that badly, he'd gotten multiple jobs to prove his stability. He would not have stooped to kidnapping. Makes no sense to me. LMN keeps recycling Jessica Morris. With all the LMN movies she makes you'd think her acting would get better. It isn't.

Reviewed by Chartreuse15 / 10

It was OK.....

Jessica Morris portrays Alyssa Manning who was abducted from her family one day in the park by Miles Simon. He is now released back into society Later in the movie, Emma, Alyssa's daughter, is found missing at the same venue of the park. Did Miles do it to get close to Alyssa as an adult or did someone else take Emma and why? You'll have to tune in to find out. But the movie is pretty predictable so I would only watch this once.

Reviewed by rokuteam5 / 10

Something doesn't make sense.

In the movie, Miles says his daughter is removed and put into foster care because he had to work extra to pay for medical bills after his wife died. They move her from foster home to foster home so he can't see her again.

I adopted two girs through foster care. When kids are removed, the primary goal is to help the parents so that the kids can be returned home. In his case, he was obviously able to provide a nice clean home. Family Services could have provided subsidized day care or arranged financial assistance to help him with his bills. He should have also been allowed visitation until they made sure he was ready for her to return or building enough of a case to determine he was unfit (which seemed unlikely based on the conduct portrayed for him in the movie),

In our case, the biological parenta simply could not care for themselves let alone the kids, but it took about three years of intervention and monitoring before the biological parents' rights were removed and we were able to adopt. What Family Services did in this movie seemed more like kidnapping rather than intervention to keep the child safe.

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