A Royal Christmas Match


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by katykw-23 / 10

Doesn't really qualify as a Christmas movie

The movie has virtually nothing to do with Christmas except for the snow and some Christmas trees. The acting is subpar all around. And a royal family with a flat Canadian accent is almost as bad as the horrible faux British accents that are thrown around through these films, eh?

Their careless use of CGI and Photoshop is very disappointing and cheapens the whole production.

The movie seems in a rush to make sure no conflict was allowed to develop and thereby be resolved in the latter part of the film. No matter what crisis pops up, it is almost immediately resolved. When you lose the conflict in the story line, it falls flat.

And once again, can we talk about REALISTIC snow please? For pity's sake production crew, step u your game. It's a Wonderul Life had better snow than y'all do.

Didn't finish the movie You shouldn't start it.

Reviewed by perogy41 / 10


A "royal" family with a flat, Canadian accent? Ottawa's Chateau Laurier with a neon vertical "hotel" sign photoshopped to the side of the building? Please.

I wrestled with the suspension of disbelief for a while, but the heavy up front focus on academia is too boring for me to continue beyond the 20 minute mark. Other than some background Christmas trees, it's not at all obvious that this is a Christmas-themed flick.

I feel bad for all who were involved in production. It takes a lot of work to pull off any sort of movie, only to be insulted with lousy writing and editing that lacks any sort of attention to detail.

Reviewed by Jackbv1234 / 10

No way to treat a princess

It seems almost a rule that the lead protagonists start out as antagonistic. In this movie Ben is so rude to Camille during her teaching that I'm amazed she was civil with him. This lasts through a considerable portion of the movie. Then it disappears almost instantly. One would think that much of the remaining part of the movie would be Camille and Ben developing a romance, but that's not so. Much of the latter portion of the movie is about Morgana and university politics. It includes a vindictive duchess.

All movies need to have some conflict. The conflict in this movie is unusual for what one would expect is a romantic Christmas movie. And the conflict is dissolved by some hocus pocus which is manufactured totally out of the blue. It might as well have been Santa appearing and granting a wish. It has almost no lead in.

The acting is fair to poor. The dialogue is fair. The romance is almost as poorly executed as the climax. Other than a lot of snow and a Christmas tree, the movie has little to do with Christmas.

Jeers to another reviewer who gives full out spoilers without marking them but at least you have to expand the text to get to them. It's fine if you hate the movie, but that doesn't justify untagged spoilers.

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