A Merry Christmas Wish


Comedy / Family / Romance

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Jill Wagner as Janie
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Deanna Jarvis as Nicole
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Morgan David Jones as Charles Meyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vranger4 / 10

Far too same old/same old

We REALLY like Jill Wagner and especially Cameron Matheson, and they tried their best, but they got stuck with the same story that's been done MYRIAD times in the years of Hallmark or GAF Christmas movies. Maybe this is a standard plot that gets assigned to a group of writers two or three times a year. Occasionally a twist gets added to it to liven up the cliches, but that didn't happen here.

Big city success goes to small town. Drab boyfriend without much understanding of her needs. Gets involved with the small town event and the charming, sexy small town guy. Leaves her busy career for the small town life. Dumps her Brooks Brothers boyfriend for the farm hand.

Not a surprise, and the entire plot was telegraphed in literally, the first scene of the movie.

Not only that, but I found the writers' timeline of the history of the characters utterly unbelievable, and I don't think the writers know one thing about how a farm runs or the production of honey. LOL

I was most amused with a gift at the end that contained one-third of a SMALL jar of honey? Is that all the prop room could come up with? LOL

I found many scenes and lines that had me involuntarily rolling my eyes. Sad.

Only the two actors trying their best with this tired material saved it from being a complete waste of time, and saved at least a couple of stars on my rating.

Reviewed by agambre9 / 10

Jill Wagner .... But....

Personally, if it's Jill Wagner it's a 10!!! But not this one. Something is off about this movie. There is big time mismatched between leads. Not enough chemistry unlike the awesome connections between Jill and Nick Bateman in A Christmas Miracle For Daisy. Chemistry between leads makes movies interesting and fun to watch. Nicole (Deanna Jarvis) and little Gracie (Taya Messier) did their part extremely well and noticeable. Let me just say, I have watched Cameron's movies in the past, sorry but not a fan

Reviewed by chattdesign7 / 10

Loved it, but weirdness to storyline.

Loved the movie. Very well acted, not cheesy at all. So there's at least that, since some are absolutely unbearable, if you know what I mean. However, there are gaps in the story.

A) She's supposed to be close the great-uncle, yet hasn't visited (a mere 3 hour drive) in 20 years?

B) She's supposed to be 30 (10 + it's been 20 years)? Jill Wagner is gorgeous, but she's no 30 year old. Idk, they could have just said she hasn't been back since high school/college age and it would have been fine. There's also no way anyone would recognize her after 20 YEARS.

C) I don't understand all the fond reminiscing w/o her ever going back until Randall died.

Annnnd that's about it.

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