A Little Bit of Heaven


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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Gael García Bernal Photo
Gael García Bernal as Julian Goldstein
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Peter Dinklage as Vinnie
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Lucy Punch as Sarah Walker
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Kate Hudson as Marley Corbett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eldiez4ever1 / 10

how about a little bit of research on oncology and some hope & awareness for cancer patients?

So anything goes in Hollywood movies to make them pretty and saleable! Granted! But how about some correct jargons and dialogue like a medical instead of "your cancer is all over your colon" ... and how about, can a patient on chemo go to a public place like a night club full of smoke? oh wait she is accompanied by her doctor who just a while ago asked her for a "drink"... a drink? really? in the middle of treatment? I donno what to say about this movie... I wish it promoted a little bit of awareness and hope for the cancer patients instead of making it look like oh so rosy and then have an ending to make it romeo-julietish! Gael Garcia is soo good in Spanish films, I don't know why he acts so weird in English movies. Casting was mismatched. There was no chemistry. Why did they cast Gael Garcia? Kate Hudson did not look like a terminal colon cancer patient. Losing so much blood (which is unavoidable in colon cancer sorry Hollywood) will make her anemic and very sickly...not so much color and energized eyes ... And why are we rooting for her? The character did not come up in anyway that likable or extraordinary, even with her constant grin. Oh and those jokes thruout the movie... !!!!! speechless

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

light rom-com with cancer

Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson) is a strictly-single ad executive in New Orleans. She avoids any real commitments with her hookups. Her best friends are co-worker Sarah Walker (Lucy Punch),pregnant Renee Blair (Rosemarie DeWitt) and gay neighbor Peter Cooper (Romany Malco). She feels sick and goes to see Dr. Julian Goldstein (Gael García Bernal). While under, she sees God (Whoopi Goldberg) who gives her three wishes. She wishes to fly, $1 million and something for later. She has late stage colon cancer. Her parents Beverly (Kathy Bates) and Jack (Treat Williams) can't stop fighting even with their daughter sick. She wins a radio contest to learn hang gliding. Dr. Sanders (Alan Dale) tells her that chemo isn't working and she goes on a medical trial. She finally tells her boss Rob Randolf (Steven Weber) and he tells her about a million dollar payout from the life insurance. Peter sets her up with gigolo escort Vinnie (Peter Dinklage) nicknamed Little Bit of Heaven.

Is it really a bad thing to cross a cutesy rom-com with cancer? The critics seem to think so. I don't judge it like that. This is by no means perfect. Whoopi Goldberg as God is distracting as hell. Gael García Bernal is not fully committed to being a bad English speaker. He should really throw in a lot of Spanish. Kate Hudson is at home with these silly rom-coms. Her flightiness is more of a defense mechanism so I don't really take it as cutesy. The cancer stuff allows the movie to transition to heartfelt seriousness although it's very jarring sometimes. The tone is a tricky thing in this movie and it does struggle. However I don't mind treating cancer with a lighter tone.

Reviewed by phd_travel3 / 10

A bit pointless

This movie shows a cancer patient with a feisty upbeat attitude enjoying life to the full till her death.

There are some things not quite right about the movie. First of all they keep saying how good looking Gael Bernal is but he really isn't. In fact he is kind of gnome like.

Kate Hudson hasn't had the best roles in the past and this is no exception. She doesn't evoke much sympathy for the character and her relationship with her parents is not convincing.

In the end it felt a bit pointless. A not very well written story that lacks humor or involvement.

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