A Hijacking

2012 [DANISH]

Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright76%
IMDb Rating7.11016777


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Pilou Asbæk Photo
Pilou Asbæk as Mikkel Hartmann
Dar Salim Photo
Dar Salim as Lars Vestergaard
Roland Møller Photo
Roland Møller as Jan Sørensen
Søren Malling Photo
Søren Malling as Peter C. Ludvigsen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad8 / 10

Why You Shouldn't Bargain with Pirates

Who knew that Somali pirates would provide such rich subject matter for filmmakers in 2013?

"A Hijacking" will invariably be compared to "Captain Phillips" if for no other reason than it came out in the same year and is about a cargo ship being hijacked by Somali pirates. But they're two very different movies about two different scenarios, so I'm not sure comparing them makes much sense. However, if absolutely forced to choose, I think I would pick "A Hijacking" as the film I enjoyed more.

"Captain Phillips" is all about the logistics of stalling to allow time for military intervention. It's at heart a straightforward action movie, with some emotional resonance late in the film to give it some ballast. "A Hijacking" is more about the emotional and psychological toll the situation takes on the film's key players, namely the cook, Mikkel, one of the hostages on board the ship, and Peter, the CEO of the company that owns the ship, on land. Peter is determined to handle the situation himself, despite warnings from the hostage negotiator not to get involved. It will get too messy and emotional, he's told, which ends up being true, and which takes a severe psychological toll on him. The same is true for the crew, Mikkel included, who must live as hostages for months never sure from one moment to the next whether or not they will survive.

The company's response to the hostage crisis is baffling to American viewers. Where in the world is the presence of any kind of military authority? Why on earth would Denmark sanction this kind of bargaining with pirates? It only encourages them to repeat their behavior. The film is comical in a morbid kind of way -- by the end, the CEO and the contact man for the pirates are exchanging faxes to negotiate an agreed upon ransom while the men on the boat rot. For all of the criticism it takes for its military bluster, it's hard to argue that the American way of dealing with such a situation isn't the better one.

A tense, finely-acted movie that, because of an incident that occurs very late in the film, may just take the wind out of you.

Grade: A

Reviewed by Tweekums9 / 10

A Hijacking

This Danish film is set in two locations; aboard the Rosen, a ship in the Indian Ocean, and in the offices of its owners back in Denmark. After a brief introduction to the crew of the ship it is hijacked by Somali pirates whose 'negotiator' Omar contacts the ship's owners to let them know what is happening. CEO Peter Ludvigsen is advised not to offer the pirates anywhere near the money they demand on the grounds that they will just ask for more. Omar initially demands fifteen million dollars and Peter counters with a much lower offer; clearly things won't be resolve quickly. Weeks then months pass as the negotiations move at glacial speed; while this is going life for the crew is getting uncomfortable; there are highs, such as the moment they are allowed to do some fishing, but for most of the time there is a constant sense of danger.

It is inevitable that this film will be compared with 'Captain Philips' as both concern ships hijacked by Somali pirates however they have significant differences. This film is all about the negotiations rather than action… we don't even see the moment that the ship is seized. These negotiations aren't just between the pirates and the ship's owners; there is also a degree of negotiation between the crew and the pirates as they seek to improve their conditions. It was in keeping with this low key approach that we are shown what is happening to the crew by focusing on the ship's cook rather than somebody more obviously important; Pilou Asbæk does a fine job in this role. Søren Malling and Abdihakin Asgar also impress as Ludvigsen and Omar. The rest of the cast are pretty good too; especially the first time actors who play the pirates; they seem more threatening because what they say is not subtitled meaning we are as much in the dark as the crew as they cajole them with unintelligible threats. Overall I'd certainly recommend this; it may not be full of action but the tension is almost constant and there are some shocks.

These comments are based on watching the film in Danish with English subtitles, although it must be noted that much of the dialogue is in English.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca5 / 10

Engrossing but ultimately depressing

A HIJACKING is a thoroughly compelling Danish drama but one that leaves a bad taste in the mouth afterwards. It's very much like the Hollywood version of the story, CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, and could almost be called the anti-CAPTAIN PHILLIPS in some respects; gone is the escapism, the suspense, and the gloss from that movie, to leave in its wake a dark and downbeat slice of realism that had me feeling like I'd been chewing broken glass.

I'll make no bones about it, A HIJACKING is a very good film. The carefully mannered acting of the principal cast members draws the viewer into the tale and makes for sympathetic characters. Pilou Asbaek (GAME OF THRONES) and Soren Malling (THE KILLING) are particularly good as the guys on opposite sides. The direction is exemplary and particularly when watched in high definition, this is a film that looks fantastic. However, the fact that it's ultra-realism also works against it.

There are few high points here and no sense of elation or relief. Instead it's an entirely pessimistic production that plumbs the depths of the human spirit. The whole production left me feeling depressed, particularly the twist ending, even though I was engrossed throughout. Occasionally a depressing film will become a favourite of mine due to its sheer brilliance (GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) but in this instance it's not something I'd want to sit through again.

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