Catch Hell


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Ryan Phillippe as Reagan Pearce
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Tig Notaro as Careen
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Joyful Drake as Diane
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Jillian Barberie as Herself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rzajac7 / 10

Kinda dug it

An amazing thing about Catch Hell is how unexpectedly *watchable* it is. I really figured it wouldn't have staying power, yet it coaxed me in.

Others have commented on the film's modest strengths, which are; decent writing, good acting, good pacing (the scenes that seek to capture the long waiting of a hostage situation like this don't feel interminable),good (if elemental) character development, good editing, interesting scenario.

And, amazingly, the final scene (which ingeniously plays over the end credits) struck me as a profound redemption tour-de-force. Rarely have I seen such a cosmic message writ so bizarrely. I can think of one other example, off the top of my head, that comes close. And, when I say "redemption", I don't mean the redemption of a person. I really mean the redemption of this film from being a mere low-rent action/horror snack. I'm sincere about this: It says an important thing about the nature of grace; that you might encounter some at the very bottom of a very deep, very dark pit.

Worth watching, even if only because you're fascinated by the promise of smart low-budget stylizing.

Reviewed by bkoganbing5 / 10

Better material for a debut

Ryan Phillippe directs and stars in Catch Hell the story of a film star on the downward slope of his career getting kidnapped by a pair of rednecks. One of them is Ian Barford who has a psychotic personality and a grudge against Phillippe for having a quickie with his wife. Poor Ryan he just can't remember who it was. Turns out she was a wardrobe girl on the set of one of his films. Barford and his nephew Stephen Louis Grush who's just a follower type drive off with him from his hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana and take him to a secluded cabin in the bayous.

Of course Barford wants to kill him, but he also wants to humiliate him as well so he gets Phillippe to cough up his computer and Twitter passwords and he starts posting all kinds of noxious material, the kind that has ruined the reputations of folks like Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.

No doubt Ryan Phillippe was going for a gay audience as well because of Grush's character. Throughout the film he's giving the look of love to Phillippe as he's a most closeted gay man. Life throws Grush a real nasty curve however. It gets good and homoerotic with Phillippe and Grush.

I wish Phillippe had picked some better material for a directorial debut. But the man does show some promise there.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Catching up

Morality tales are always difficult. Going after the whole fame makes one vulnerable thing too. Put "crazy fans" into it and you get something weird like this. And all that with one of the worst plans (if any) in recent memory. Things can go sideways and they will especially if you haven't really thought about them.

Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few scenes that are difficult to watch, because they are brutal and you feel the pain just watching. Nothing that is exciting or fun in any way. Thankfully it doesn't stay on that track too much. Not the kind of movies I like to watch anyway, this lacks a bit of empathy. Ryan Phillipe might feel at "home" (no pun intended) with some of the scenarios (job and fame wise that is),but this won't help him get back on any Hollywood radar any time soon

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