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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rashkovseo10 / 10

A real story...

Great story. A real story of a real life told by her own daughter. She plays the story of her own mother. Really inspiring story.

Reviewed by tedinancheva9 / 10


"A dose of Happiness" is definitely one of the best contemporary Bulgarian films. The story itself isn't extremely exceptional but the way it is played out and filmed is amazing. Furthermore the fact that it is based on true events and the participation of the daughter of the real life victim in the movie who is starring her mother gives it a special touch. The script realy reflects the Bulgarian way of talking, the humor and culture of living. The actors are brilliant. The main character Valentina Karoleva manages to live the part impressively. The movie is filmed beautifully - the transitions are beautifully made so the movie manages to present a long amount of time without bejnf exhausting or boring. All in all I think that "A dose of happiness" is definitely a piece of art worth watching.

Reviewed by irinatencheva10 / 10

Beautiful like love, honest like a slap

Vesela Toteva believed that a film based on her book will help channel some processes which she knew can't be done only through her foundation alone (the attempts to collaborate with the state brought her disappointment after disappointment). She waited for this film like she waited for her first granddaughter. She couldn't wait for them both. I knew about her life, I've read the book, and last night we watched the film. This transition of fate into another fate, of a woman to another woman, of reality into film, it's unbelievable. Yana Titova made a marvelous job. How could a daughter play her mother suffering from addiction who only loves her daughter and heroin? What did it cost her to relive all that? Valentina Karoleva is brilliant. How could you bring all that cast, how could you shoot it like that, how could you edit it like that, how could you find a soundtrack like that, how could you do all that with a tight budget and will? I don't know. But the result is astounding. Aleksandar Aleksiev, Nadi Tsvetkova, Nicky Stoichkov, what you did gives me hope. The best way to see the power of the film is through children. We went out with eyes full of tears. A Dose of Happiness is an honest film, honest like Vesela used to be, that's why children will believe it. Like you believe a slap in the face. This is a prevention film. Watch it with your children and buy the book Disgrace and Salvation.

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