A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe


Comedy / Romance

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Rachel Boston as Anne
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Stephanie Sy as Jillian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teebear8171 / 10


This movie is the catastrophe favorite horrible movie boring blue and black Rachel Boston is one of the most unlikeable actresses I've ever seen but I'm so sick and tired of her teeth and her lips she has a gummy bear smile which turns my good the movie was just Bland as boring as dull and is predictable as you can imagine nothing unique nothing different here tired old worn out stuff. It was brutal watching this with my wife but I wish I could get those 2 hours back but I hated this actress I couldn't stand looking at her the whole time. This just has to stop they're going to start doing better casting and better writing.

Reviewed by Jackbv1237 / 10

Search for a recipe

Does that sound familiar? Actually, it is not the most common premise, but it seems like a lot of them lately. There is a theft mystery thrown in. There is a cute kid who is slightly precocious. And lots of baking cookies.

Anne starts out as a Scrooge like executive who has taken over from grandma and made lots of cuts. Rachel Boston is one of my favorites, but I just can't picture her as a scrooge. I have always seen her as extremely outgoing and positive. I'm not saying she didn't play the part well. I'm saying that if she did, I couldn't have seen it. As the movie goes on, the real Rachel comes out which is a good thing.

There is a bit of Keystone Cops with the gang chasing suspects and Boston looking so inconspicuous with her sunglasses on. Not quite a trench coat. There are some funny lines and moments. Boston and Webster have chemistry. The movie sets up an excellent trail for a false identity of the thief. I followed it. The truth is a real surprise and maybe a bit of a stretch. The dance recital is also very cute.

Reviewed by acborgia9 / 10

Super cute Christmas mystery

I loved this movie and not just because of Rachel Boston and Victor Webster. I found it super cute and refreshing among all my other Christmas movie watching. Yes there was a romance but it was truly secondary to the story. It really didn't hit until the last quarter of the movie. Also while a character deaths were mentioned it didn't harp of them in a sad way. The mystery of who stole Grandma's recipe was fun and had me guessing. It also had me laughing at some points. The cast was phenomenal from the stars to the minor rolls. Yea it's Hallmark so it was a little corny at times but corny in a good way. This is one I will definitely watch again and again.

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