90 Minutes in Heaven


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled50%
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Kate Bosworth Photo
Kate Bosworth as Eva Piper
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Hayden Christensen as Don Piper
Catherine Carlen Photo
Catherine Carlen as Eva's Mom
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Dwight Yoakam as Lawyer Beaumont
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieGuyFunTime9 / 10

Inspirational Story

Obviously the negative reviews all come from the godless liberals who hate Jesus. With that said, for those who want to see the excellent film version of the best-selling book by the man who lived this true story, this is well worth the viewing.

It is predictable that any movie that comes out in this time of cultural waste and hate propagated by the self-righteous left and their Hollyweird henchmen is going to come under attack if it contains any of the following:

Love of God; Love of family; Love of friends and neighbors who also love God and family; White people who are good.. especially white men.

If you have any of these in your movie, the leftist/Marxist cultural death machine is just salivating to chew your film to pieces on social media while hiding in anonymity with the power of the Internet at their grimy, satanic fingertips.

So, chances are if you hate God and family and good white people, you aren't interested in this film anyway. But if you don't, it is well worth the viewing... and you might just become a better person for doing so.

Reviewed by ewgers10 / 10

Outstanding movie

I will never understand what people expect from movies. When this beautiful film is made to touch anyone that has a heart and soul .Just perfect acting .Had me in tears .No I'm not a church goer or a bible basher .Just believe in good and my experience of life tells me that this message is good for us all .Keep the faith as God does indeed answer your prayers .. And watch this film, to the end with an open mind .

Reviewed by blanche-24 / 10

Kate Bosworth keeps her figure while scarfing down McDonald's

Don't be fooled by the title. There was nothing heavenly about this film. It's a corny, hokey, clichéd, dull, slow, and an inaccurate melodrama about a young minister, Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) who suffered traumatic injury in a car accident. The paramedics who arrive at the scene cannot find a pulse and leave him unattended awaiting a coroner.

Another minister caught in the resulting traffic jam enters the car and starts praying and singing, at which point he returns to life by joining in the hymn. He has been "dead" for 90 minutes. Now, it has happened that people who are being worked on with a defibrillator, etc., have come back after 90 minutes. But this guy was in a car with plastic over him.

Kate Bosworth plays the minister's wife, Eva, as if she had been heavily sedated. On the other hand, the minister is transferred to a hospital that allows him unlimited access to morphine so he is, in fact, heavily sedated. And about halfway through this 121 minutes of hell, you'll wish you were, too.

Unfortunately, Christensen's character is unlikeable as he slides into self-pity. When fireworks are going on outside, he says in his narration, those are the only fireworks left in our marriage now. He's been flat on his back in intractable pain -- I don't know what he expected.

The character is on an IV for 45 days+. He would have had a PIC line by then. Also, he's given no pain medication while they're trying to stimulate bone growth with a fixator, which is incredibly painful.

One other thing - of course the recovery is very expensive so at one point he is moved to a less expensive hospital. And all the staff becomes black. Low, producers, LOW.

The acting is uniformly bad with the exception of Fred Thompson, who comes off like John Barrymore compared to the rest of them. He offers him a milkshake - McDonald's obviously threw some money at this thing. They're everywhere.

As far as learning anything about the character's NDE, you won't, except for the last minutes of the film. Maybe heaven is worth the wait, but getting to this part of the film is not since you had to go through hell to get there. It's too little, too late.

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