40 Years Young

2022 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy

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Gaby Espino as Naomi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lopezlopez-043661 / 10


Worst movie I have ever start watching. It is not funny at all, the plot is horrible, the production is horrible. Netflix quality just keeps going down. It is so ridiculous bad i cant even write about it here.

Reviewed by qui_j1 / 10


This is just a pile of rubbish that was made to fulfill someone's fantasy and misguided belief that they can write good comedies. The acting is so over the top that it makes one cringe just to watch. Could not get beyond 10 minutes of the movie! This is another reason why the streaming platform loses subscribers.

Reviewed by isaacochoterena1 / 10

Made effortlessly

This movie has a lousy script and lousy direction, reflecting how little effort was put into making this movie.

The script is terrible, the story is very simple, the main conflict does not have much development or why those decisions were made, it could have ended in the first 20 minutes, the plot deals with the subject of depression in a very bad way, it doesn't take it as something serious and makes us think that it can be eliminated with a vacation, as expected, nothing has development, everything happens for no reason and that makes this movie not even interested in its own story. The development of the characters is pathetic, some are very caricatured, others are simply very flat, the female characters are very superficial, the antagonist characters, if they can be called that, do not have a clear motivation to be that way. Part of the story focuses on the profession of the protagonists, which is cooking, and everything that has to do with that part and the dishes they present, is poorly done, they never show us a decent or surprising dish, nor the particular way of doing it. The love interests of the protagonist are super poorly developed and very caricatured, those characters that are the love interests of the protagonists have no development and disappear very suddenly from the story, just as they do not create a great impact on the plot or on the other characters. The comedy is horrible, nothing is funny and everything is very forced, the performances are not natural and are forced, although Adal Ramones seems to be the one who makes the most effort, not only with his acting but also with the atmosphere between the actors, since the lousy direction could not even create a friendly environment between the actors, as well as reflects how little effort this movie was made with.

It's a shame that this type of productions, where they don't make the slightest effort to give us something interesting, continue to exist and continue to be seen by many people, there is definitely nothing to highlight about this film.

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