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Yvonne Sciò as Judith
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Sean Bean as Esau
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Matthew Modine as Jacob
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Christoph Waltz as Morash
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SimonJack10 / 10

Superb rendition, production and telling of a major Bible story

This TV film about "Jacob" from the Bible is an outstanding production. It's one of the very best movies I've ever seen made from a story in the Bible.

Most people who would want to watch this movie would be someone of faith - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or others who are interested in the Bible and stories from it. So, to such, the gist of the story would not be shocking or off-putting. At least one other reviewer before my writing was someone who disliked the story. So, he or she was a person of another ilk. And, that's okay.

I am very sparing in awarding 10 stars to films. My criteria apply mostly to the art, the talent, the medium, the product and its creation. That accounts for about 80 percent. The other 20 percent is more subjective. It has to do with interest, values, education, meaning, depth, emotions and the like. So, that allows for a broad range that can differ widely between people.

"Jacob" scores eight stars with me for its production qualities. The acting, screenplay, direction, filming, sets and props, costuming, locations and all aspects about the making of this movie are superb. And, since I am very interested in the Bible and biblical history, I think this rendition of the story from the book of Genesis is superb.

This is one of the very best Bible stories put on the silver screen. It follows the text source very closely, and the direction gives proper and exact emphasis and punch where the story calls for it. This is a very well done movie. The makers did well in choosing the shooting locations in Morocco. The land and setting looks very much like areas of the biblical Middle East today. And the antiquities of those places closely resemble what has been uncovered in the shows of some archaeological sites.

And, I was pleased to find a relatively modern film from the Bible with a cast of some prominent actors. Matthew Modine, Sean Bean, Joss Ackland and Irene Papas head a cast in which all gave top performances.

Anyone who reads or enjoys the Bible should find this film interesting and very entertaining.

Reviewed by sunwarrior1310 / 10

A Theme On Deception

The biblical story of Jacob explored in this TV movie.It features Matthew Modine as the titular religious figure,together with Lara Flynn Boyle as his love Rachel; and Irene Pappas as Rebekah.

In one of the greatest love stories of the Bible,it starts when Esau sells his birthright to his twin brother Jacob for a bowl of pottage and then gets deceived out of his father's blessing by his mother Rebekah. Later,Jacob battles his devious father-in-law, his brother and even himself to forge his destiny as founder of the 12 tribes of Israel.

This is a TV movie's main theme is about deception as Jacob later gets punished for it by being tricked into marrying the wrong woman after he himself tricked his father,Isaac into giving the blessing to him which rightfully belongs to his brother.It was a good film wherein Modine was alright as Jacob.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Heartfelt and engaging

The story of Jacob was one I knew nothing about before I sat down to watch this TV movie, which may be why I found it so engaging to watch. The hour and a half running time flies past as we follow a story involving pride, betrayal and eventual redemption.

JACOB works because it's all about the characters and the emotion. The whole gamut of the human experience is explored here - love, death, pain, suffering, respect - against a canvas of people who aren't merely vessels for story elements but who seem to be alive whether they're on the screen or off it.

And what a cast! Matthew Modine, who I've never liked before, is unrecognisable and all heart as Jacob. Sean Bean is excellent, if seldom used, as his brother Esau. Then we get the supporting players: elder veterans (Joss Ackland, Irene Papas, Giancarlo Giannini) mixed with the then-popular (Lara Flynn Boyle) and the future famous (Christoph Waltz). Their talents help to make this a compelling Biblical adaptation.

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