You're Missing the Point

1940 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pmicocci-189088 / 10

¡Ahí está el detalle!

Cantinflas at his best, in a screwball comedy that rivals any produced by Hollywood. But to fully appreciate it, you need to have some knowledge of the cultural context and be fluent in Spanish - and even then, it's often difficult to follow the rapid-fire, sometimes incoherent utterances of Cantinflas' character, as demonstrated by the other characters.

This was Cantinflas' "epoca de oro", where he abstains from the preachiness and maudlin sentimentality of his later period and completely gives in to his inner "golfo"...

Reviewed by chan-7695810 / 10

One of the best

This is one of the best Cantinfla's movies. In this movie he plays the typical sympathetic exploiter who comes out very naturally. For the time it is an excellent movie, entertaining. It is ideal that Spanish be understood, so as not to miss details of Cantinflas' sayings

Reviewed by dlahey10 / 10

The movie that launched Cantinflas.

I still think of this, one of his first movies, as his best. Here Cantinflas' explodes with comic genius. He fully develops the under-educated but always noble, kind-hearted delinquent he is that speaks his mind, only to the confusion of even the most highly educated. The courtroom ending scene also establishes the formula for a bunch of "mistaken identity" plot movies that follow.

The "Bobby" scene at the beginning makes you howl with laughter. The portrayal of the absurdities and paranoia of the upper class let every working-class bloke bellow out loud as well.

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