You're in Love, Charlie Brown


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CuriosityKilledShawn7 / 10

Chuck's first crush

Charlie is in love with 'the little red-headed girl', the very one he fancied in 'Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown'. But he's not got the courage to talk to her and frequently makes a laughing stock of himself with every attempt. Plus, everybody is making fun of him and Snoopy is not lending a sympathetic ear, as usual.

The emotional turmoil Charlie suffers is alarmingly true. Everybody remembers their first crush and how awkward it made them feel. It's little touches of reality like this in the far-fetched but wonderful world of Peanuts that make it so timeless. Though it was made in 1967 there is nothing in this TV special that dates it in any way.

Reviewed by buzznzipp199510 / 10

True love in 67'

This was a wonder to behold!! From the moment I put it on the DVD player, I was astounded at how, all of the Charlie Brown features are not carbon copies of each other. The animation had that good feeling classic made in the U.S.A feel to it. Further propelled by the storyline of Charlie Brown and his red-haired love sick obsession with that little 'Red Haired Girl'. He was just out of his mind, when he first saw her. Thoughts of romance and kisses on his mind. Bashful and hopeful of the time that he would get to just be with her! But with thanks to friends like Linus, and of course Snoopy, he has a support team second to none!! This is a feel-good Charlie Brown that is well equipped with laughs and heart warming fun, for family and friends alike. This is a don't miss, for all Peanuts fans out there, be sure and catch the romantic vision, feel the frenzied heartbeat and find the love! You're in love Charlie Brown!! Recommended to all the ages.(*****)

Reviewed by Woodyanders9 / 10

Typically fine Peanuts show

The eternally hapless and bumbling Charlie Brown tries to muster up the courage to talk to a little red-haired girl who he has developed a massive crush on. The precocious Linus and scrappy tomboy Peppermint Patty try to help Charlie out, but only compound the severity of an already dire situation. Charles M. Schulz's sharp script astutely nails the bittersweet angst of unrequited love and shows in a realistic, yet humorous and lighthearted manner just how mean or nice kids can be to each other. Charlie's Brown's anguish and awkwardness about confronting the little red-haired girl is funny, touching, and totally relatable. It's this latter element of universal pathos which in turn makes this particular show so sweet and special. Who hasn't had a crush on someone, but was afraid to talk to that person out of the fear that you would make a fool of ourself? Schulz had an uncanny knack for tapping into stuff that we all immediately know and understand in a way that was humane, amusing, and engaging. Of course, we also get several nice gags (for example, Peppermint Patty is blithely oblivious to the fact that Snoopy is really a dog!),but it's Schulz's trademark wit and warmth which makes this show and the other Peanuts TV specials so effective and enjoyable. Kudos are also in order for Vince Guaraldi's jaunty jazz score. And the lovely upbeat conclusion is a joy to behold. Essential viewing for Peanuts fans.

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