You're Bacon Me Crazy


Action / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bindonjs5 / 10

Obviously not Spring, too many flowers and poor writing.

I liked the 2 main characters, but not a lot of chemistry. The premise had promise- not as formulaic as most Hallmark movies. But..... every time anyone spoke outside you could see their breath on the air, so clearly not Spring in Portland. Too many flowers. They were everywhere, and over the top. Cleo won eligibility in the contest by making sandwiches- when she decides to throw away the bread and totally change her food truck menu and theme, should she have still been eligible to compete? They should have had her get rid of the sandwich theme after she won and started her restaurant. What did "little brother " do to afford that house?? Same with Cleo. Quite the digs for a food truck owner. Even for Hallmark, the end was cheesy and predictable. She wins the big prize and he wins the "best in show". Even the other way around would have been a little bit of a switch.

Reviewed by brittonwayne-287-4252686 / 10

Very predictable ending

I know Hallmark has a lot of similar storylines and I really like the cooking ones however just once I would like to see the guy win the competition. This one like all the others has the woman win against the very capable but once again loser in the end of show comp..

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird5 / 10

Not crazy about this

Despite liking Michael Rady a lot, even in the films of his that are not good (where he has nearly always been a redeeming quality),the groan-worthy title that takes corn and cringe to a whole new level dampened things. Am also not a big fan of Natalie Hall and have been unimpressed by too many of her performances. Still saw 'You're Bacon Me Crazy' as somebody who is on a Hallmark completest binge and who has liked enough of their 2020 output.

'You're Bacon Me Crazy', the second Spring Fling film from 2020 (the first being 'Just My Type'),is better than the title suggests, and is a tolerable effort. It to me is still not particularly good, a case of starting off quite well but running out of steam in most areas later on. It is not one of the best 2020 Hallmark films, but a lot worse was done that year as well. 'You're Bacon Me Crazy' is somewhere around low middle and one of those films that doesn't offend but also doesn't wow in most areas.

Rady is the best thing about 'You're Bacon Me Crazy'. He is such a natural on screen and is a charmer, also looking very relaxed. Liked his character too, the only one to not feel one-dimensional and the only one one warms to straight away. The supporting cast are solid too, everybody gives their all without going too broad.

The production values are decent too, with the scenery being especially lovely. The first half is very pleasant, it has energy, amusing comic timing and is cute without going over the top on that.

However, Hall, apart from relaxing a little later, comes over as immature and overacts. Or at least she over-exaggerates her already exaggerated in writing character's flaws, not much here is done making the female lead character easy to like. The characters generally weren't developed well and were typical Hallmark cliches. Typical Hallmark sums up the plot very well too, which is pretty formulaic. Especially the too pat final quarter, which can be seen a mile away.

Despite starting off well, as said 'You're Bacon Me Crazy' runs out of steam. The momentum goes, in pacing (where it gets dull) and the writing (which gets perfunctory at best),the plotting thins out and becomes increasingly predictable and contrived. While the chemistry is there in spades, the relationship feels rushed and not focused upon enough. The script is too heavy on the cheese and the direction and music are routine.

In summary, tolerable but not particularly good. 5/10.

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