You Can Never Go Home Again



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Omar Gooding Photo
Omar Gooding as Jack Fletcher
Deborah Rennard Photo
Deborah Rennard as May Malcolm
Al Sapienza Photo
Al Sapienza as Chuck Fletcher
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Jackie Moore as Emma Sanders
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hoops-534361 / 10


This one must have been written, directed, filmed, and acted by elementary children. It is childish. The camera work when Emma first comes in is absolutely ridiculous! To imagine that this was actually financed by a company is unbelievable! Global Genesis Group was either really desperate or their standards are really low. Two hours of our lives we will never get back again. IMDB needs to start allowing a zero star rating (or how about negative star ratings?)

Reviewed by deedrala1 / 10

So bad it's shocking

"You Can Never Go Home Again" (2021)

It's truly shocking how awful this thing is - there are NO redeeming qualities whatsoever. I came here to write a review to warn off future viewers from it and saw that the review by 'hoops' said exactly what I intended to say, especially that it really did seem to be put together by a bunch of third graders and imdb really needs to add zero to the rating scale, etc. If I'd known this crap could actually be bought and produced by a TV network, I'd be a multi-millionaire by now since anyone with half a brain could churn out this rehashed bland talentless drivel.

The 10/10 reviewers here are obviously friends and relatives of the cast and/or producers/directors of this turkey, since any thinking adult could easily see how lame and boring it is, with terrible acting by all. The only credit I'll give it is that Jackie Moore can play a believable psycho, as she also did in a previous LMN-er as a psycho interior decorator. But her role was diminished by the poor, unoriginal storyline and overall mediocrity of the movie.

The background music was out of whack and seemed to be tacked on at the last minute.

Just unbearably dumb and a total waste of time.

Grade F / 1 out of 10.

Reviewed by jmgimbel1 / 10

you can never get your time back

What happened to the once cheesy but fun Lifetime? They seem to churn out movie after movie now that r just hideous quality, absurdly so?! The acting to the stories aren't fun and r plain stupid with adults acting less adult than teenagers would IRL. I get leaning into cheesy but you still need a story pple want to watch.

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