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Simone Kirby as Patsy
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Mark Bonnar as Fox
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Nick Blood as Matt
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Reviewed by jonnytheshirt4 / 10

Moor or less unfinished

Bad dumb Tish! To be honest there were moments I was thinking X moor had some interesting ideas and was going somewhere, however it kind of felt a bit messy in the end and was a bit inconsistent. The lead role was entirely unconvincing and paled in comparison to other actors in minor roles and this proved a bit distracting, although the twisting and turning on the plot could not have helped plus the characters being all a bit on the silly side, then again we'd have no horror movies without characters acting inexplicably stupid. The movie also suffered from many dark scenes at one point which were simply difficult to make out. It did feel everything went on an inexplicable rush near the end and ambitious plot points were not developed fully. It did have its moments however it seems like more time was needed to think over and edit this movie. Has the guy from Agents of Shield in it tho. 3 points for creepy kid, 10000 points for unintentionally hilarious stunt involving a Jeep.

Reviewed by Stevieboy6664 / 10

Not the real Exmoor

Wilderness horror. Exmoor is a national park in south-west England, a place that I have visited & explored numerous times. Therefore I felt somewhat cheated by the fact that this was filmed in Northern Ireland. Two Americans (well actually non-American actors with unconvincing accents, especially the guy) go to Exmoor to film the elusive big black cat, but instead get duped into hunting for a sick serial killer known only as The Beast. Much of the running time involves shouting & screaming in the wood at night, gets pretty tedious. It does have a few shock moments but this film fails to impress, instantly forgettable.

Reviewed by Platypuschow2 / 10

X Moor: Worse than I could have ever dreaded

Starring Nick "Agents Of Shield" Blood we have three people going into the woods to find evidence of a big cat roaming freely.

Irish made and with a one million budget you'd think this would deliver but instead is an excessively dark poorly constructed embarrassment.

The one thing I'll say for it is that it wasn't predictable, to such an extent in fact that it's not what it's advertised to be and the front cover is yet another lie.

Utterley unlikeable I don't see where the budget went and can only assume they had great catering.

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1/4 movie covers are lies these days

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