Women Talking Dirty


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by office-14710 / 10

"...the perfect quiet-night-in movie [...] Definitely two thumps up!"

If you are looking for an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat movie then this is not for you. However, this is in fact the perfect "quiet-night-in movie". I always like a story every now and again that has no major suspense, but you still find yourself glued to the screen. If it lasted forever I can safely say I would have continued watching this.

Men, do not be drawn aback by the title - the story tells of two women, one a failed student and the other a shy cartoonist, who fall into an extremely unlikely friendship, and experience the ups and downs of becoming best friends. You are never bored during this, as it tells of how their love lives interfere with their friendship. The arguments pile on to you, and leave your mind thinking and taking in the movie's key messages, whilst the jokes leave you smiling and enjoying the fun of this film.

This is a well acted drama, perfectly casted and worth a watch for those interested in movies about companionship, love, hatred and much much more...Definitely two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Marybee22310 / 10

Peppy, yet Poignant Story of Two Women

This is a clever charming film set in Edinburgh. The movie uses the device of Ellen (Gina McKee),a successful cartoonist, inviting her friends to a post-divorce party. A series of flashbacks fill in her background and that of her best friend, Cora (Helena Bonham Carter). The quieter of the two, Ellen was married to smooth charmer Daniel (James Purefoy)for three years. Cora's longest relationship was with Frenchman Claude (Julien Lambroschini)for 10 months, leaving her a single mother. During these flashbacks, Daniel turns out to be a serious gambler who was always on the run from moneylenders and Claude an unreliable lover who leaves Cora as soon as she becomes pregnant. Clearly these women share bad judgement in men. Ellen and Cora turn out to be linked in more ways than friendship-the revelation provokes a split between the women. The film does an excellent job in handling and resolving the conflict between Ellen and Cora. I hope this film comes to the North American market soon!

Reviewed by prylands7 / 10

Snapshot of Loyalty and Betrayal

I enjoyed this film for its unwillingness to make things overly obvious or excessively sentimental. It is hard to say whether the film depicts a study of betrayal, friendship or emotional dependence - but it offers a realistic snapshot of a tenuous friendship between two very different women.

Whether there is a message or not, the film is an effective portrayal of the difference between perceived happiness and real happiness. With Dolly Parton lauded as the archetypal tough gal, the two leads aspire to being in total control of their lives. The film begins with an aborted kiss between the two women (Gina McKee and HBC) and this neatly raises the issue of whether platonic love can compare to romantic love. However, there is more to friendship than hand-holding and the women each have Daniel (James Purefoy) to deal with before they can achieve some measure of self worth.

Not a film for those seeking a simple and obvious tale with a neat resolution but one one for those who enjoy films that raise questions and do not fall into the trap of providing glib answers.

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